Liferay Digital Experience platform
Support and Empower Your Users with Self-Service
Decrease support costs and improve user satisfaction with self-service that empowers users to independently find what they need.

Reduce Support Calls with Intuitive Self-Service

It shouldn’t require a call or email for users to access their account information or important documents. Give users access to the documents they need and allow them to update their own personal information using an intuitive, secure self-service portal.  

Empower Your Users to Independently Resolve Their Concerns

With a comprehensive knowledge base, your users can get answers to their questions on-demand without having to contact support. They can also access user forums to get answers from other visitors with similar questions. 

Streamline Processes to Help Users Get What They Need Fast

Allow your users to submit a support ticket, pay their bills, or check the status of an issue online by unifying all your internal service and payment systems in one portal. 

Featured Support Capabilities

Tailored Search
Ensure your users find what they’re looking for with customized results.
Secure Access
Ensure your users can access documents securely or update their personal information on any device.
Unify Systems
Allow users to enter support tickets, pay bills, or check issue status online.
Knowledge Base and Community Forums 
Empower users to get answers to their questions without having to contact support.
Advanced Analytics
Develop proactive support utilizing detailed analytics to address potential concerns before they arise.
Smart Recommendations
Provide relevant recommendations to your users based on their behavior.
Liferay can help you empower your users with self-service.