Get the right digital assets, in the right place

Deliver and publish assets across multiple channels


Organize digital assets more effectively in a single location

Consolidate and better structure your digital assets to make them easier to find and leverage.

Asset Libraries

Organize all assets within a dedicated library to reuse across different sites.

Auto Tagging

Automatically tag content, using AI/ML capabilities with metadata, to categorize assets in a structured manner.

Custom Metadata

Define custom Metadata Sets and Document Types in a way that makes sense for your business functions.

Back Office Integration

Integrate with back office systems, like Sharepoint or Documentum, to surface assets to customers or add other metadata.


Publish, deliver, and reuse assets across multiple channels at scale

Make assets available to users through the channels they want to use.

Adaptive Images

Dynamically adapt images according to screen size, bandwidth, and processing capabilities.

Resource Load Times

Improve load and download times with Liferay's native CDN or integrating existing CDNs, optimizing performance on any channel.

Proactive Content Delivery

Ensure all content is relevant and compliant by automating delivery of approved content with Headless APIs.


Control who has access to your assets

Ensure that the right users have access to manage and control assets with:

Access Control

Access Control to limit who has access to view, edit, download, and publish specific assets to be set at different levels, from user roles to individual assets.

Rights Management

Digital Rights Management to implement restrictions and controls on assets, like expiration dates. Create and assign approval and review workflows to accelerate the asset creation lifecycle.

Asset Sharing

Asset Sharing to increase collaboration with approved internal and external users.

Use Liferay's DAM to Better Organize Your Assets

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