Tailor a customized experience for each user at scale

Deliver more personalized and relevant content through enhanced segmentation, AI-generated recommendations, and A/B testing.


Reduce the time and effort needed to personalize content and pages

Easily deliver more engaging experiences by surfacing information, content, and tools that are relevant to users.

Personalized Real-Time

Display personalized content, messages, offers, and recommendations to users in real time. Tailor content based on user attributes, location, behavior, and more.

Dynamic Page Layout

Dynamically change page layout and content, based on the user viewing the page.

Segmented Collection

Present a predefined collection of content for users matching a specific segment.


Fine-tune your personalization by defining custom segments

Build custom user segments based on your users' behavior, attributes, and interests.

User Segmentation

Define and create dynamic or static user segments based on attributes, behavior, interests, and other criteria.

Segment Anonymous Users

Create segments for anonymous users by collecting browser and system information from visitors accessing your site.

Granular Rules

Create complex Segmentation Rules to segment visitors for granular personalization.


Evaluate whether your personalization is actually helpful

Improve the effectiveness of your personalization by testing different strategies and monitoring performance.

A/B Content Testing

A/B Test different versions of content, layouts, or messaging to determine which works best with yout audience.

Personalization Analytics

Track user interactions, engagement, and conversions to measure the effectiveness of personalization efforts.

External Data Integration

Integrate with third-party data sources, APIs, and tools to enhance personalizations based on external data.

Start delivering experiences that are tailored to your users.

Case Study

Better Customer Experience

See how personalization has increased Broadcom's customer satisfaction ratings.

Case Study

Relevant Content for Each User

Find out how this insurer was able to display personalized and role-based information and content using Liferay.

Case Study

Personalized for 3000+ Users

Learn how Putzmeister used Liferay's out-of-the-box segmentation to apply different levels of access for their users.

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