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Generate content quickly, streamline operations, and deliver context-intelligent assistance.

Actionable AI

Liferay makes AI features easily actionable for business users, developers, and front-end designers so they can build better digital experiences in a fraction of the time. Below you’ll find a few of the ways AI shows up across our different capabilities, such as Content Management, Search, and Commerce.

Content Creation

Accelerate Publishing Workflows with AI-Powered Content Creation

Speed up content creation, organize related resources, and translate content with integrated AI.

Leverage AI-powered content creation with integration to tools like ChatGPT to assist in creating content. Content creators can get suggestions by defining word count, adding the tone they want, and providing a short description.

Use the AI image creator to automatically create a group of images that match your description and add them directly to your pages. Specify options such as image size and how many images to generate.

Translate content with a single click by leveraging Liferay's integrations with Google Cloud Translation, Amazon Translate, and Microsoft Translator.

Automatically tag assets such as text-based documents, web content, blog entries, and images upon upload, saving your team time and organizing assets in a structured manner.  

Intelligent Assistance

Guide Users to What They Need Quickly with AI-Assisted Tools

AI-assisted tools can display personalized recommendations and search results to your users automatically, and deliver relevant assistance when they need it.

Provide product recommendations based on a user's role, history, and previously purchased products to help customers find the right products or relevant complementary items.

Suggest content recommendations based on user interests, most viewed content, and user journey to help users find more relevant information.

Deliver more intuitive search results by using Semantic Search to customize search results based on user intent.

Use chatbots to guide users to the information they need or transfer them to a live rep if necessary.

AI Insights

Deliver AI-Powered Insights for Better Decision Making

With AI-powered insights, you can drive more efficient operations and better decision making across your entire organization.

Use AI-powered sales forecasts to help your sales and finance teams estimate revenues and identify potential opportunities for growth.

Enable your sales teams to proactively manage at-risk accounts with smart alerts for downward purchasing trends.

Help front-end designers make better page-building decisions with in-context performance feedback that identifies potential problems and provides alternatives.

Ease of Integration

Applying AI to Solve Real-World Problems

One of the biggest strengths of our DXP is the ability to integrate with other AI platforms. Not only do we offer pre-built integrations with Generative AI and Applied AI applications, but we also provide an extensive set of headless APIs and batch processing capabilities that make it easy to connect to the AI technology you need for your use case.
This means you have a platform capable of enabling a wide range of use cases for your organization, including:

Hyper-Personalized Customer Experiences

AI can analyze customer data  to understand individual preferences and recommend products, services, and content that are most relevant to them.

Conversational Commerce

AI-powered virtual agents can have nuanced, contextually aware conversations with your customers so they can find products and services that meet their needs.

Intelligent Self-Service

Virtual agents can respond to your customers through text or voice, retrieve relevant information, and also conduct basic transactions such as submitting a support ticket or making an invoice payment.

Predictive Maintenance

AI algorithms can analyze sensor data to predict equipment failures before they occur, enabling proactive maintenance and reducing downtime.

Supply Chain Optimization

AI algorithms optimize supply chain operations by forecasting demand, optimizing inventory levels, and identifying inefficiencies in logistics processes.

Fraud Detection

Banks and financial institutions employ AI algorithms to detect fraudulent activities in real-time by analyzing transaction patterns, user behavior, and other relevant data sources.

Liferay's Approach to Responsible AI

Liferay is committed to the responsible use of AI in our products and as a company. As such, we have invested in and created a Responsible AI Program to ensure we comply with the existing and upcoming laws and regulations.

Our program is aligned with the OECD framework, the basis of the EU and upcoming Brazilian AI regulations.

Our goal is to promote the uptake of human-centric and trustworthy AI, while ensuring a high level of protection of fundamental rights.

Under pending regulations, most of the AI usage at Liferay would be classified as low-risk AI systems or general purpose AI systems.

We aim to certify against an ISO standard for responsible AI in 2025.

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