Tailor the solutions you need on a flexible platform

Leverage an industry-leading platform to integrate external systems, extend the platform’s functionality, and remove data silos.


Amplify the value of your legacy and existing backend systems

Liferay DXP is designed to work alongside most systems and technologies, offering a range of tools and API builders.

Integration Framework

An integration framework makes it easy to connect with external systems using SOAP, REST, GraphQL, RSS, and proprietary APIs.

REST API Builder

Build custom APIs for your own applications.

Single Sign-On

Liferay integrates with various identity management platforms so that authenticated users can quickly navigate between different systems.


Connect to the applications you already use

Liferay also comes with a library of pre-built connectors to create integrations between common backend systems, such as your CRM, ERP, or PIM. A few are listed below.


Import account, user, and order data from Salesforce to Liferay.

Google Drive and Office 365

Create and edit files within those systems and any updates can be populated within Liferay.


Design Mule Flows to batch import, update, and delete records.

Data Silos

Remove data silos to leverage data more powerfully

Unlock the full potential of your data to deliver more personalized experiences, automate processes, perform computations, and more.

Update Systems

Capture data from users using forms and automatically update the information in backend systems such as your CRM or ERP.

Data Provider

Pre-populate form fields with data from external services, and import and export Data Provider definitions.

Display Data

Use objects to configure how to collect existing data and display it to your end users -- all without coding.

Start using a platform that can work for your business needs.

Case Study

60% Reduced Backend Effort

See how this manufacturer use Liferay to integrate with SAP Commerce, Salesforce, ServiceDesk, and many other third-party systems.

Case Study

Simplifying Sales Process

Learn how Mueller was able to integrate custom web applications into Liferay to build a single self-service solution.

Case Study

Unifying with One Solution

See how this IT service provider uses Liferay to integrate existing systems into their customer portal.

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