Simplify complex buying experiences and quickly scale commerce operations with digital commerce

Make it easy to sell your products and expand your business with a flexible platform that lets you launch tailored online buying experiences faster

Ecommerce on a single platform

Global marketing and communication leader uses Liferay to implement B2B commerce on a single platform.

Commerce Accounts

Simplify Complex Ordering

Streamline online purchasing with a tailored buying experience and checkout process.

Product Catalogs

Find, compare, and select parts using digital product catalogs that automatically display the right product and pricing for their account.

Enhanced Search

See relevant search results based on their browsing history or previous purchases.

Approval Workflows

Order products using one or more approval workflows.

Order Management

Place, manage, and track orders and returns on their own.

Increase Orders

Increase Order Size and Frequency

Raise average order size and frequency by providing more relevant purchasing recommendations and making it easy for your customers to order and reorder.

Product Recommendations

Upsell and cross-sell with personalized product recommendations based on past purchases, similar customers, or related items.


Encourage more orders through support for contract pricing, bulk discounts, and promotions.

Promotion Optimization

Optimize promotion conversions with A/B Testing.

Volume Ordering

Simplify volume ordering by enabling buying through a list or .CSV file.

Repeat Purchasing

Make repeat purchases easier with quick one-click re-ordering or by enabling automatic re-ordering when inventory levels get low.

Support Sales

Help Sales and Service Teams

Provide sales and service teams with tools to understand and assist their customers.

Order Assistance

Take action on behalf of accounts, including creating and editing orders.

Real-time Dashboards

Stay on top of their accounts with real-time dashboards that provide information on account health, purchase history, and order forecasts.

Smart Alerts

Proactively manage at-risk accounts with smart alerts for downward purchasing trends.

Grow Efficiently

Grow and Scale Commerce Operations Efficiently and Securely

Deploy online storefronts quickly with a platform that includes robust commerce capabilities, a strong integration framework, and a leading CMS for creating and managing your content in one location.

Dozen Stores, One Secure Platform

Launch dozens or hundreds of online storefronts on a single and secure platform.

Customize, Scale, Integrate: Order Mastery

Enable order customization, volume ordering, custom pricing, and inventory visibility with built-in order management. Alternatively, integrate with your existing ordering platform using OpenAPIs.

Expand Globally

Grow into any market with support for multiple currencies, languages, different exchange rates, and tax options.

Seamless API Connections

Connect to new digital frontends with headless APIs.

Simplifying Buying Across Industries

Organizations in manufacturing, telecom and other industries use Liferay to simplify buying for their customers.


Airbus Helicopters enables ECommerce for 3,000 helicopter operators and 24,000 users

Web and Mobile accessible


MacDon increases online transactions by 50%

Site Visitors
Increase in Online Transactions


SkyTV increases online transactions by 140%

Increase in Digital Acquisition
Increase in Self-Service
Customers across New Zealand

Streamline Buying Processes with Liferay

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