Personalized, Scalable, and Secure Experiences for Patients and Customers

Expand your digital healthcare services, optimize operations, and improve patient and employee outcomes while reducing costs.

Find the Solution You Need to Protect the Wellbeing of Your Business

Provider Portal

Simplify procurement and supplier management through a single, centralized platform connected to all needed resources and systems.

Integration Platform

Modernize your patient and provider experiences with a refreshed digital interface that provides access to both legacy systems and new technologies like MyChart.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Give employees resources and tools to manage daily work, map their career growth, and self-serve their HR-related needs.

Patient Self-Service Portal

Make self-service easy with on-demand access to a 360-degree view of patient health, including medical records, account information, and scheduling services.


Simplify Healthcare Management with Self-Service

Improve patient, employee, and provider satisfaction with easy-to-access services and information.

Provider Self-Service

Give providers a comprehensive view of their suppliers for crucial insights into medical equipment inventory, order status, and overall supplier health.

Employee Self-Service

Enable employees with access to their information and benefits, clear goals and expectations for their job role, and tools for future success.

Patient Self-Service

Empower patients to set up their own accounts, schedule appointments, retrieve health information, pay bills, and find important details about their medical history.


Achieve Better Patient Outcomes

Use smart personalization features that give patients a clear picture of their health and wellness goals.

Appointment Tracking

Help patients and plan participants keep track of upcoming checkups.

Curated Recommendations

Offer resources and education relevant to health conditions and treatment plans.

Customized Dashboard View

Give plan participants an all-in-one view that shows only the tasks and notifications that matter to them.


Protect Sensitive Information

Maintain the necessary security standards to keep patient and employee data safe.

Implement Security Measures

Bolster login security with tools like multi-factor authentication.

Limit Content to the Right People

Take advantage of role-based access and permissions so patients, providers, employees, and healthcare administrators see only what they need to.

Stay Compliant

If you want to host in the cloud, make sure you're using a platform that's HIPAA Compliant.


Modernize Experiences Without Sacrificing Your Legacy Systems

Integrate with both costly legacy tech and newer investments.

One Unified Experience

Provide users with a single experience layer that makes previously disconnected experiences seamless.

No More Data Silos

Simplify complicated integrations and reduce data redundancy or loss with prebuilt connectors that pass data between systems in a way that works for your data stack.

Faster Updates

Use Powerful APIs based on the OpenAPI Specification to improve the user experience sooner.

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