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The State of Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Learn how financial services organizations can optimize their customer service while at the same time enhance legacy systems and processes with digital experiences.


Source New Revenue Streams, Reduce Risks, and Ensure Smooth Operations

Client Self-Service Portal

Equip your clients with self-service tools for full control over their finances on a secure client portal. Orchestrate personalized experiences across multiple channels, automate processes, and leverage your current technology investments.

Advisor Portal

Increase the productivity of advisors, brokers, and partners with tailored workflows that optimize operational efficiency. Enable them to use client data to deliver personalized quotes and identify cross-sell/upsell opportunities.

Employee Portal

Increase productivity and foster collaboration with an intranet that unifies systems, tools, and data on a single platform, enabling easy knowledge sharing and real-time communication.

Wealth Management Solutions

From public websites to client portals – gain a competitive advantage by placing clients, advisors, employees, and your company’s differentiators at the center of your business. Grow AUM by providing automated, personalized, and data-driven investment advice for efficient portfolio management.

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Security & Compliance

Create Secure and Compliant Experiences

Gain the trust and loyalty of your customers with enterprise-level security that keeps their data safe at all times.

Identity Management

Implement robust identity management using Multi-Factor Authentication and Single-Sign-On solutions such as SAML, OpenId Connect, Kerberos, and more.

Cyber Shield

Guard your portals from cyber threats like CSRF, Local File Inclusion, and vulnerabilities such as Path Traversal and Content Sniffing.

Certification Compliance

Prove data security commitment through ISO, CSA, and SOC2 compliance, building trust with clients and partners via rigorous verification.


Personalize Self-Service for More Convenience and Reduced Cost

Offer self-service tools that make life easier for your clients, advisors, and employees and reduce your organization's cost-to-serve.

Self-Manage Tasks

Let users self-manage key tasks such as opening accounts, transferring funds, managing recurring payments, or requesting loans.

Personalized Search

Provide personalized search results and content and offer faster access to support information with knowledge bases and powerful search capabilities.

Tailored Recommendations

Recommend relevant products and support advisors' cross-selling initiatives using client segmentation, analytics, and multivariate testing.

Omnichannel Experiences

Compose engaging omnichannel experiences by distributing content from a single source and connecting your clients’ preferred channels – mobile apps, chatbots, or kiosks.

Financial Services

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Increase in Customer Conversion
Month Implementation

Integrate Existing Systems for a Unified Experience

Connect legacy tech and tools to orchestrate a unified experience layer across physical and digital channels.

Unify Touchpoints

Orchestrate all customer touchpoints across all channels to create a single experience layer.

OpenAPI Flexibility

Speed up development and expedite progress by using OpenAPI Specification to improve collaboration, productivity, and security.

System Integration

Unite third-party software and legacy systems with web services and messaging services for more productivity.

Tech Continuity

Make the most of you tech investments and continue to utilize valuable historical data and processes.


Streamline Processes with Automation

Increase operational efficiency, reduce manual errors, free up staff resources, and improve the customer experience.

Process Automation

Automate and simplify processes like billing and payments, loan application processing, account management, document sharing, and transaction processing.

Efficient Onboarding

Speed up common onboarding actions like the submission of KYC-related documents.

Personalized Recommendations

Provide personalized investment recommendations by automating the analysis of market trends, customer preferences, and risk factors.

Data Integration

Integrate data from various sources to verify identities, perform background checks, and generate necessary documentation.

Fraud Detection

Detect and prevent fraud with advanced algorithms that scrutinize transactions for suspicious activities in real-time.

Low Code

Go to market faster using low-code tools to launch new applications, streamline workflows, and build new pages without developer support.

Liferay DXP + IBM Cloud for Financial Services™

Customers in financial services want best-in-class experiences that help them get things done faster, bolstered by more security and better personalization. Liferay DXP and IBM Cloud for Financial Services are both built to meet the rigorous industry demands for security and compliance.

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