5 Reasons NOT to Invest in a DXP
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5 Reasons NOT to Invest in a DXP

Who needs a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)? Definitely not you. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t invest in a DXP for your business.

Who needs a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)? Definitely not you. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t invest in a DXP for your business.

1. You hate innovation and revel in interdepartmental bottlenecks.

Your IT team has plenty of spare hours, and they love helping you out every time you need to make an announcement, change a headline, or swap out an image. And adding new functionality to your solution on a tight timeline? Maybe in five years.

​2. You enjoy the silence of silos.

Who needs collaboration? You’re on an island, and you like it that way. Does the same data get replicated over and over in disparate systems that have no way of talking to each other? Oh, well. It’s nice to be in the dark.


3. You look forward to customer complaints about a disorienting user experience.

How do I log into this system? Where can I find my account details? Why am I seeing irrelevant information? Your customer service teams love hearing the same questions over and over. Meanwhile, users are scrambling to remember ten different passwords for ten different services you offer, leapfrogging from place to place. Sometimes, users abandon hope of a resolution altogether when all they get is a generic, one-size-fits-all experience.

4. You’re fine with settling for “good enough.”

At least your technology platform has some of the functionality you need. And you can always spend more money investing in different point solutions. Doesn’t everyone have integration headaches? Isn’t it fun to toss out old technology platforms every few years and start from scratch with another rigid software solution?

5. You have no interest in the future.

​​​​​​​You’ll ride the wave of the latest and greatest technology trends, sure—six months after your competitors have implemented them, and only by purchasing more software because there’s no way your legacy system could do that. (Integrate with GenAI? Ha!) Who has time, anyway—you’re stuck putting out fire after fire because your servers went down and your website crashed again and the CTO wants to know why you haven’t tracked user behavior yet on the black box that is your analytics dashboard.

On the other hand...

Maybe this describes you—or maybe it describes the state of your technology, but you’re eager for a change. If you’re reading our blog, you’ve probably caught on to the fact that we love DXPs! So much, in fact, that we created Liferay DXP, a flexible, extensible-friendly platform that can make you actually excited about that long-term business plan.

Request a demo or start a trial to see how you can stop settling and create the exact solutions you envision with Liferay.



Originally published
March 28, 2024
 last updated
April 1, 2024
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