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Intranet & Portal Solutions for Retail


The future of retail is in seamless omnichannel shopping experiences that fully integrate physical stores, online shopping, internal operations and social media to meet customers’ immediate needs and predict their future behaviors. However, most retailers are still catching up with digital transformation, leading to frustrated customers and lost business.

Innovative digital solutions can combat decreases in revenue, tune internal operations and find new avenues for customer growth and retention. In addition, stores can reduce costs with retail technology platforms that allow reuse and extension with other retail systems. This greater digital agility means more efficient employees and targeted campaigns that pursue the unique needs of each customer.

Retail Industry Use Cases

Digital Operations

In order to excel at customer experience, it is paramount that retailers also focus on their internal operations. Retailers need a platform that can be a unique point of information where procedures, best practices and new sales campaigns can be found (i.e. an intranet), as well as workflows for purchasing and inventory management (i.e. a portal), collaboration tools for discussing store layouts and many other features. Companies use Liferay DXP to digitally manage operations through secure and comprehensive Document Management, Workflows, Forms, Collaboration Tools and a complete Content Management System.

Great Customer Experiences

Retail customers want equally great experiences online and in person when shopping. By creating an omnichannel experience that easily flows from mobile to desktop to in-store interactions, customers can seamlessly continue shopping anywhere and at any time. In addition, gathering in-depth and useful data through these interactions can help create personalized online experiences to predict and meet customer needs.

Digital Workplaces

Retail companies need to create digital workplaces that empower employees to meet the ever-evolving demands of customers. Digital portal platforms like virtual merchandising allow companies to coordinate stores around the world while approval workflows help teams efficiently route documents and tasks to save time and cost in businesses of all sizes. Moving the workplace online means that corporate offices and regional teams can fluidly communicate for more efficient and effective operations.

Integration Capacity with Third-Party Systems

Integrate Liferay DXP with customer relationship management and point of sale software systems for detailed client interactions and powerful user experience improvement. World brands are integrating the Liferay platform with eCommerce solutions in order to provide a full digital retail experience that extends to brick-and-mortar stores.

Loyalty Programs

Brand revenue and reputation are directly related to the amount of experiences a customer has with the business. Be it in brick-and-mortar stores, eCommerce or navigating through the website, having a loyalty program can keep your customers and prospects engaged while generating important information for your internal teams. Many companies are using Liferay software to create programs designed to incentivize customer loyalty to encourage return clients and strengthen their store’s customer base.

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