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University Experience

Empower your entire campus community – faculty, staff, students, and alumni – with enhanced digital services that streamline operations and optimize costs.

Tailored Solutions

Elevate Your Online Presence

Student Portal

Today, 50% of students report that the quality of their university’s digital experience was a key factor in their choice.
Use Liferay DXP to create a cutting-edge online student portal, providing easy access to vital services like course materials, course management, registration and enrollment, communication tools, library resources, career services, and more

Alumni Portal

Keep alumni engaged long after graduation via a dedicated alumni portal. Provide an alumni directory, host real-world and virtual events, offer career services, enable alumni discounts, manage donors, and more. 
Case Study: MyCampus portal keeps University of Maine connected with students — past and present.

Integration Platform

93% of students expect a university’s digital experience to combine information, services, and support from the university. Revitalize student and alumni experiences with a sleek digital interface that seamlessly integrates legacy systems alongside new technologies to create a modern and future-proof educational experience. With technology-agnostic Liferay, you can update your experience first, and then, over time, upgrade old apps, content, and infrastructure. 

Faculty Portal (Intranet)

Drive your academic staff’s productivity by empowering them with the tools and resources they need to manage their schedule, teaching resources, and address their administrative requirements.


Simplify Campus Management with Self-Service Solutions

Enhance student, faculty, and alumni satisfaction by providing convenient 24/7 access to a range of essential services and information.


The University of East Anglia creates simple and effective self-service platform

Fewer Pages

Student Self-Service

Build out your student portal with personalized self-service solutions, placing essential resources and information at their fingertips to offer a comprehensive view of their academic progress, course schedules, and campus resources.

Faculty Self-Service

Equip faculty members with access to relevant information, professional development resources, and tools to support and enhance their teaching and research endeavors.

Alumni Self-Service

Enable alumni to stay connected and contribute to the future generation by giving them access to university updates and the ability to contribute to fundraising efforts and manage their personal information through a user-friendly self-service platform.


Drive Improved Campus Experiences

Academic Life

Unlock personalized learning by leveraging student portal data and preferences to tailor course recommendations, resources, and support services for each student's unique needs and goals.

Student Success

Provide personalized dashboards for progress tracking, upcoming deadlines, and curated resources, keeping students focused and engaged in their academic journey and preparing them for potential career paths.

Personal Connections

Foster lasting alumni relationships by delivering personalized updates and event recommendations as well as opportunities based on their interests and past involvement.

Tailored Faculty Experiences

Offer faculty personalized resources and tools based on their courses and teaching styles. Provide student performance data and analytics for personalized teaching approaches and timely intervention for struggling students.

“Once the foundations of digital experiences are in place, the real opportunities are centered around making smarter use of data – enabling real-time, automated, personalized, and intelligent communications.”

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Safeguard Sensitive Data

Maintain robust security measures to protect student, faculty, and alumni data.

Multi-Layered Security

Enhance login security with advanced tools such as multi-factor authentication to safeguard sensitive information and empower a secure learning environment.

Role-Based Access

Implement robust role-based access and permissions to minimize vulnerabilities and ensure that students, faculty, alumni, and administrators only have access to the relevant information they need. 

Compliance Assurance

Adopt a platform that complies with required standards, ensuring the security of data in accordance with higher education regulations.


Modernize the Digital Campus Experience Without Compromising Legacy Systems

Integrate seamlessly with existing university systems while incorporating cutting-edge technology and solutions.

Unified Workspace

Present a unified experience layer for users while bridging the gap between legacy systems and newer investments on the back-end.

Data Integration

Eliminate data silos by simplifying complex integrations and reducing redundancy, smoothing data flow across university systems.

Efficient Updates

Utilize powerful APIs based on the OpenAPI Specification to accelerate user experience improvements and ensure a dynamic digital campus environment that adapts to your evolving needs.

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