Liferay Experience Cloud: The Next Evolution in Delivering Digital Experiences at Scale
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Liferay Experience Cloud: The Next Evolution in Delivering Digital Experiences at Scale

The next evolution in delivering digital experiences at scale.
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The naming of Liferay's offerings have changed. For information and details on our current our deployment options, please visit our <<Offerings page>>.

For more than a decade, we’ve strived to create useful technology to help others reach their full potential. This dream started from a group of young, nerdy entrepreneurs, but now has grown to be the goal of over 1000 employees over 19 countries across the globe. 

We continue to push ourselves to help organizations solve their complex challenges and we’re proud to unveil the next step in this journey: Liferay Experience Cloud.

What is Liferay Experience Cloud? 

Your business challenges are complex. But the solution you use doesn’t need to be. We’re striving to provide simpler ways to help you solve business challenges more efficiently. 

We’re combining the powerful capabilities we have built and grown over the years under our pioneer platform, Liferay DXP and are now offering a full-service SaaS offering: Liferay Experience Cloud.

Liferay Experience Cloud is an all-in-one solution that unites Liferay DXP and cloud platform capabilities with built-in analytics and B2B commerce functionality, reducing the time to market and allowing for accelerated innovation. 

Leverage the full strength of Liferay to address the needs of your business ecosystem at the various levels and for the various business units that require it. In a single, secure platform, you have the capabilities needed to build and deploy an engaging customer portal, streamlined commerce site, powerful employee portal, tailored partner or supplier portal, among other solutions.

How Can Liferay Experience Cloud Help My Organization

Running these digital solutions across the globe can become very costly and difficult as users and business needs grow. 

Instead, let us host and manage the infrastructure of your solutions so that you don’t need to worry about scaling, upgrades, security, or maintenance with Liferay Experience Cloud. 

We automatically keep the platform up to date with the latest version of Liferay DXP and critical security updates so you can always count on the innovation velocity of Liferay, our partners and our global community without worrying about upgrades or keeping up to date with new features.

Learn more about Liferay Experience Cloud here >

Select the Deployment Option Right for Your Business 

But what if you want to manage the solution yourself or use your own cloud solution? You can still self-host or self-manage Liferay DXP if that is the best fit for your business.

Contact a Liferay expert here to learn more about Liferay Experience Cloud. 

What is the Cost of Liferay Experience Cloud? 

With Liferay fully managing and hosting your solutions, you can reduce implementation time, eliminate upgrade and maintenance cost, and cut infrastructure and indirect costs. 

Start with what you need today and scale your subscription based on the solutions you need for your growing business.

Moving Forward with Liferay Experience Cloud

This is the next evolution for Liferay DXP. With this shift, we’re providing a streamlined and powerful platform that will enable customers to deliver the solutions they need. 

Learn more about Liferay Experience Cloud by contacting sales. 

Originally published
March 15, 2022
 last updated
February 8, 2024
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