Federal Health Contractor Moves Critical Website to Liferay DXP

This healthcare company modernized the digital experience for beneficiaries.
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Key Takeaways

  • Make your solution work for you, not the other way around.
    This company's old platform had too much unnecessary functionality, but now Liferay DXP enables them to meet their needs.
  • Build with the future in mind. Find a solution that can grow and evolve as your company changes.
  • Empower both IT and business teams. Using Liferay's easy content creation features, this company takes the everyday updating burden off the IT team and gives business teams the ability to make important changes.


This federal healthcare contractor has been helping the United States build its most important healthcare programs for more than half a century, working closely with other organizations to make sure even society's most vulnerable groups have access to necessary healthcare. Over 200 million claims for 20 million beneficiaries get resolved through this contractor.
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This company had built a website on a platform with functionality far too complex for their needs, causing a number of issues:
  1. Poor return on investment. The team was not using the platform to its full potential.
  2. Lack of resourcing. It was difficult to find developers with enough experience to help support continued website iteration.
  3. Slow site updates. Only the IT team could make changes to the website, introducing costly delays.


Given the challenges they faced, the company decided it was time to switch platform providers. To help with both the evaluation and implementation of a new solution, the company turned to a trusted partner, Asponte Technology.

Asponte Technology recommended Liferay DXP as the right platform for this company's website, and created an export/import solution that enabled a migration from the old site to the new without interruption. This allowed the team to reuse existing content, minimizing additional work.


This company reaps the following benefits by using Liferay DXP with the partnership of Asponte Technology:
  1. Easy site updates. Even business users can make changes to content on the website, and bigger changes are much simpler for the IT team.
  2.  Flexibility for the future. As a future-proofed platform that integrates well with other systems, Liferay allows the website to grow to fulfill this company's evolving digital vision.
  3. Higher return on investment. Taking advantage of the platform's functionality helps this company make the most out of their investment.
Using Liferay DXP and relying on the partnership of Asponte Technology, this company can continue to offer beneficiaries a website that meets their needs.