10 Reasons to Choose Liferay DXP
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10 Reasons to Choose Liferay DXP

Discover 10 reasons why Liferay DXP is the cornerstone of digital transformation for businesses worldwide.
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  1. An All-in-One Platform   

Liferay is a DXP (Digital Experience Platform) built on open-source technology that provides strong CMS, DAM, Forms, Document Management, Workflow, Search, Personalization, Segmentation, and Collaboration capabilities—all on the same reliable enterprise cloud platform.


  2. Native Headless and Omnichannel Capabilities

With out-of-the-box headless APIs, Liferay provides front-end developers freedom from back-end restrictions, enabling consistent, immersive customer experiences on web, mobile, wearable, kiosk, and other IoT devices.


  3. Powerful CMS Capabilities

Create, edit, and publish content with just a few clicks, maintaining a common look and feel across all your sites with reusable templates and structures.


  4. Intelligent Integration and Interoperability

Unify all your systems and data in one platform with integration frameworks, APIs, web services, and messaging services designed to make it easy to connect third-party software and legacy tech.


  5. Contextualized and Personalized Experiences

Using enhanced segmentation capabilities, you can define, refine, and deliver different experiences across user segments to increase customer acquisition, conversion, retention, and even up-selling opportunities.


  6. Low-Code Tools for Custom Application Creation

Build and deliver applications in Liferay Objects without writing a single line of code or deploying modules. Every application built with Objects gets integrated with core frameworks for fast development and easy solution management.


  7. Ability to Handle Multiple Use Cases Across B2C, B2B, and B2E

You can use Liferay to build websites, microsites, D2C journeys, self-service portals, B2B & B2C commerce sites, intranets, workflow automations, and so much more.


  8. Flexible, Experience-Driven B2B and B2C Commerce

Native Digital Commerce capabilities enable you to run multiple full-fledged commerce websites for B2C, B2B, and D2C on the same platform.


 9. Forms, Workflows, and Collaboration

Design personalized, dynamic forms and create workflows both simple and complex. Use flexible, social, and extensible collaborative applications to empower users to build vibrant communities.


 10. Flexible Subscription Policy

Liferay offers a transparent and flexible pricing approach that’s instance-based—no limitations on usage. It’s just another way we can lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


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Originally published
October 26, 2023
 last updated
November 24, 2023
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