Front-End Developer

Style all aspects of the platform.

Länge: 2 Days
Formate: Public, Private, Online*
Liferay Versionen: DXP
Prerequisites: This course requires front-end development experience using HTML/CSS.

*Instructor-led for 3 days, 5 hours/day

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Empfohlen für

  • Technical Leads
  • Front-End Developers
  • UI/UX Developers

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Training was awesome. It really helped me to understand some fundamentals I'd had no idea about when I was working. Now I understand the platform better.

Manovinayak Ayyappan
NCS Pte Ltd


Tag 1

  • Elements/toggle grey Front-End Development in Liferay
    • Elements/toggle grey UI Development Tools
      • Node.js | Yeoman | Gulp
  • Elements/toggle grey The New UI Landscape
    • Elements/toggle grey Lexicon: Liferay’s Design Language
      • Delivering a Consistent User Experience Across Devices
    • Modern JavaScript Design with ES2015
    • Creating UI Components with Metal.js
    • Maintaining Alloy UI
  • Elements/toggle grey Developing Themes
    • Building and Generating Themes
    • Customizing Lexicon and Bootstrap Components
    • Styling Applications
    • Creating and Using Reusable Themelets
    • Packaging Content in Themes
    • Embedding Applications
  • Elements/toggle grey Customizing the Page Layout
    • Creating Layout Templates
    • Embedding Applications into Templates

Tag 2

  • Elements/toggle grey Styling in Liferay with Display Templates
    • Liferay’s Templating Options
  • Elements/toggle grey Delivering Consistent Content Experiences
    • Styling Web Content with Templates
    • Creating and Previewing Content Templates
  • Elements/toggle grey Customizing Email Notifications
    • Creating Notifications with FreeMarker Templates
    • Using Tag Libraries in Templates
  • Elements/toggle grey Customizing Application UIs
    • Controlling Application Presentation
  • Elements/toggle grey Advanced Templates
    • Using Google Closure Templates with Metal.js