Instructor-led Training

Liferay DevOps

Bring your development and operations teams together to get your system in production.

Version DXP 7.2 | Length 3 Days

Key Takeaways
  • How DevOps and Liferay work together
  • Prepare for the pressures of production
  • Improve overall performance

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What You'll Learn

  • Integrate DevOps Values and Tools with Liferay

    • DevOps with Liferay

    • Introduction to Docker

    • Deploying to the Cloud

  • Leverage Containers to Provision Liferay

    • Setting up a Liferay Solution

    • Simulating a Production Environment

    • Architect for the Cloud

  • Implement a Continuous Integration Pipeline

    • Introduction to CI/CD Pipelines

  • Configure Settings for a Liferay Environment

    • Configuring Liferay Settings

    • Configuring for Staging

    • Integrating LDAP and SSO

  • Improve Fault Tolerance with Clustering

    • Basics of Fault Tolerance

    • Business Continuity

    • Clustering the Servers

    • Clustering the Portal

    • Configuring Documents and Search

  • Monitor Your Liferay Platform

    • Monitoring Tools

  • Secure Your Liferay Platform

    • Hardening Your Liferay Solution

    • Managing Fixes and Backups

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