System Administrator 7.0

Comprimento 3 Days
Formatos Instructor-Led, Private, Online
Versões do Liferay 7.0

Secure Your System

Keep your system safe. Learn how to harden Liferay to prevent unauthorized access to your system.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Identify issues early to minimize risk and eliminate points of failure.

Know Where You Stand When the Unexpected Happens

Put a plan in place for disaster recovery so you’re ready in the event of a system outage.

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What You'll Learn 7.0

  • Deploying and Configuring Liferay

    • Deploying and Managing Liferay in a Non-Clustered Environment for Development and Testing

      • Installing Liferay in a Java EE Web Container
      • Installing Liferay on a Java EE Server
    • Configuring Liferay Settings

      • Configuring Default Settings
      • Configuring Document Settings
      • Configuring Application Settings
      • Configuring for Environment-Specific Settings
      • Configuring for Staging
  • Clustering with Liferay

    • Clustering a Liferay-Based Solution

      • Basics of Fault Tolerance
      • Clustering the Servers
      • Clustering the Portal
      • Configuring Documents and Search
  • Authentication and Security

    • Deploying to the Cloud (Optional)

      • Deploying Liferay in the Cloud
      • Deploying to Amazon Web Services
    • Authentication

      • Integrating SSO and LDAP
      • Configuring for SAML
    • Hardening Liferay

      • Balancing Security and Performance
      • Securing Your Cluster
      • Password Policies and Encryption
      • Securing Services
      • Security for Remote Staging

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