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Ovum SWOT Assessment: Liferay DXP

There are hundreds of WCM options available but not all will allow you to customize every step in a customer’s personal journey with a company. Liferay DXP empowers organizations to accomplish just that. As a digital experience platform that integrates traditional web content management with portal capabilities, enterprises have access to all they need to deliver personalized experiences at each stage to anonymous visitors, new customers and beyond. Ovum, an independent global analyst and consultancy firm based in the UK, calls Liferay DXP more advantageous than other WCM systems to create engaging experiences that span the entire customer journey. Download the Complimentary SWOT analysis and learn:
  • About Liferay’s full-featured WCM system with out-of-the-box integration
  • How Liferay DXP can satisfy the requirements of marketers, sales teams, developers and IT
  • How Liferay’s portal and integration capabilities set the stage for long-term success

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