Liferay Portal Enterprise Subscription

What is Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition?

Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition (EE) is a commercial version of our market leading open source portal that provides an alternative for enterprises that face hindrances to adopting open source software. It is offered as part of a Liferay Portal Enterprise Subscription.

A Liferay Portal Enterprise Subscription provides customers access to support, online services, and additional access to features and services within the Liferay ecosystem.

Liferay Portal Enterprise Subscription support provides business-critical service level agreements up to 365x24x7 hour phone support. In addition, a longer support period will provide stability and ongoing updates to organizations seeking to use a single stable version of the portal over several years. Support is provided by the Liferay engineering team located throughout the globe and is sold on a per server basis.

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What is Liferay Portal Community Edition (CE)?

We simply refer to the "standard", free community version as "Liferay Portal Community Edition" (CE) in order to clearly differentiate between it and the services-oriented EE that is a part of the Liferay Portal Enterprise Subscription. Those who don't need or want to commit to a subscription still have access to the latest features at absolutely no cost and no business risk. We will still continue to develop and innovate as we always have and provide maintenance releases for the most recent version of CE until the next release.

While new "Enterprise" versions of other open source products have meant losses for their community, the team here has worked hard to meet the needs of the enterprise market without sacrificing the needs of the community that make us what we are today.

Is Liferay Portal still open source?

Liferay Portal Community Edition (CE) is offered at no cost under the business-friendly Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL) v2.1 for use by early adopters and developers in non-critical environments. Liferay Portal CE is community supported and includes the latest in features.

Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition (EE) offers a more hardened, stable version of Liferay Portal CE that guarantees ongoing long-term support with a combined subscription and support package. This caters to organizations seeking to build on top of and maintain one stable version of the product over an extended period of time.

Liferay Portal EE is delivered to provide the stability and assurance required for enterprise production environments. Each version of Liferay Portal EE will be supported for a number of years with bug fixes backported to previous version for the entire service life of every Liferay Portal EE release. Please see the EOSL Policy page for a detailed description.

Liferay's professional services team offers training and consulting on the Enterprise Edition to ensure long-term support and stability for our clients.

Liferay Portal CE is available under the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL) v2.1 at absolutely no cost and no risk.

Liferay Portal EE is made available under a commercial license. Users benefit from the same high quality features and innovation that results from our ten years of valuable user feedback from the community but with added legal protection.

How often will Liferay Portal EE versions be released?

A version of Liferay Portal EE will be released following the release of each new major/minor release of Liferay CE. Every Liferay EE version will be supported for at least four years with bug fixes back ported (bug fixes, security updates, performance enhancements) for all previous versions that are currently not EOSL.

Currently, Liferay expects to make an EE version available roughly 1-2 months after each CE release.

Will I have access to the source for Liferay Portal EE?

Yes. We recognize that one of the other advantages of open source is the fact that developers can diagnose problems for themselves. In realizing this, we will continue to provide our source code for both Liferay EE and CE to developers. For Liferay Portal CE, that access will be publicly available. For Liferay Portal EE, that access will be given in conjunction with a subscription.

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