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Performance and High Availability

Leverage customizable self-healing processes and performance optimization to ensure high availability for your applications.

Automatic Disaster Recovery - Get automatic disaster recovery by having your services replicated between three Availability Zones in different geographic locations within the same region.

Cross-Region Disaster Recovery - Execute a well-defined plan in the extremely unlikely event of a compromise in all three Availability Zones in the same region at the same time.

HTTP/2 - Reduce the number of network round-trips by having HTTP/2 enabled by default in all services. Handle traffic loads with more speed and fewer resources.

SSD - All Liferay DXP Cloud deployments are backed by SSD edge servers around the world for superior performance.

Auto Scaling - Face the unexpected with our automatic upscaling and downscaling capabilities. Shape your computing capacity according to your needs.

Zero Downtime Deployments - Reduce service interruption by having a zero downtime deployment strategy. Maximize uptime and relieve anxiety about maintenance windows.

Self-Healing - Create custom health checks and configure the way your services will behave when issues arise to achieve automatic self-healing.

Multi-AZ Database Instance - Synchronously replicate your data to a standby instance in a different Availability Zones (AZ).

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Application Management

Liferay DXP Cloud includes a straightforward interface that enables you to manage applications with a few clicks.

Environments Management - Easily manage environments like QA, UAT, or PROD. Organize releases and share different versions with the people you need to.

NEW! MySQL Client - Access your database and view records on the DXP Cloud console anytime via shell.

Log Management - Troubleshoot bugs by looking at your application logs from our web console, command-line tool, or simply download the logs to use your preferred tool.

Manual Backups - Ensure that your data and documents will always be protected. Create backups at any time with just one click.

Scheduled Backups - Define a schedule to automatically create backups. Use hourly, weekly, monthly, or any frequency you need and always be protected in case of an emergency.

Backup Restore - Restore backups to any environment. Backups are saved and available to download for 30 days.

Environment Variables - Set environment variables to adjust the way a service will behave in each environment. Protect credentials, secret keys, or any other information.

Custom Domains - Easily add custom domains by creating A records from your preferred DNS tool and pointing them to your services.

Multi-Region - Create environments in different regions such as the US, Germany, Brazil, India, Australia, and more. Improve network latency by having a location close to your users' requests.

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Stay on top of each project’s performance and health with real time monitoring and advanced metrics.

Usage Monitoring - Track how much CPU processors, Memory (RAM), and Transfer in/out are being consumed by your services over time.

Advanced Monitoring - Get JVM, garbage collection, response time, and many other metrics with our out-of-the-box Dynatrace integration.

Real Time Alerts - Be the first to know when there's a problem. Get alerts instantly about your CPU, Memory, Storage, and Transfer usage.

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Development Lifecycle

Streamline the development cycle with a full CI/CD strategy that enables zero downtime deployments.

Continuous Integration - Take advantage of a full CI strategy with our out-of-the-box Jenkins instance. Run automated unit tests, integration tests, and inspection of code quality.

Continuous Delivery - Trigger a new build on every new commit and choose which environment you want to deploy to. Ensure that your system can be reliably released at any time.

CDN - The built-in CDN caches your content globally, greatly enhancing your delivery speed.

Shell Access - Access SSH directly from your browser or terminal so you can easily manage services and perform commands within a consistent interface.

NEW! GitHub, Gitlab, and Bitbucket Integration - Integrate with GitHub, Gitlab, and Bitbucket so that DXP Cloud can automatically build services from a specified repository.

Dependency Management - Declare the dependencies of your services and make sure they are deployed in the sequence that is best for your application.

NEW! Real-Time CI Activity - Complete visibility of your Continuous Integration, allowing you to track the full deployment process through Jenkins.

Isolated Load Balancer - The load balancer features a dedicated IP to isolate the public traffic and has built-in protection against DDoS attacks.

Persistent File System - Keep your files in the same state even after re-deployment or restarting of your services.

Port Configuration - Open multiple TCP/UDP ports per service, choose what HTTP port to expose in your load balancer, or block outside access to a service if needed.

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Deploy with confidence that your project and data will stay secure in the cloud.

NEW! Secrets - Manage Secure Environment Variables for any environment with Secrets. Make sensitive or private information of your project only viewable by the specific user roles.

Private Network - Enable services to communicate securely between each other via hostname within their own private network.

Public/Private Access - Choose between having a service accessible to the public or only available within a project's private network.

HTTPS - Encrypt traffic and secure the way you send data between your services and browsers. Generate SSL certificates and their renewals automatically.

Custom SSL - Use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates to encrypt all web traffic data. These certificates can be used indefinitely or you can add your own SSL configurations.

Single Sign-On - Connect your enterprise Single Sign-On Identity Provider using industry standards such as SAML 2.0 or Open ID Connect.

Database with Encryption at Rest - Add an extra level of security with a database that has encryption at rest and encryption in transit.

VPN Connection - Enable secure integrations by connecting your project to OpenVPN or IPSec (IKEv1, IKEv2, L2TP), and configure specific forwarding ports for maximum protection.

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Ensure projects stay protected with advanced permissions and roles that match your governance policies.

Access Control - Invite team members and enable secure collaboration by controlling the level of access and permissions to each of your project environments.

Team Activities - Have full visibility over all the activities made by the team members of your project in each environment.

Support Access - Choose to enable/disable support access on your environment, in order to allow Liferay support members to access to analyze and diagnose issues.

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