Un acuerdo de colaboración robusto para los cambiantes entornos de TI actuales

It's more difficult than ever to be an enterprise architect.

Liferay Portal y la plataforma Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application son una combinación perfecta para la empresa, con todas las características que necesita para mantener a sus clientes satisfechos y a sus colaboradores comprometidos

Beneficios del acuerdo de colaboración

Una solución certificada, respaldada por subscripciones con soporte empresarial, seguridad y mantenimiento
Un proceso de comercialización simplificado
Beneficios técnicos, tales como arquitectura modular, balanceo de carga inteligente, gestión de configuración centralizada y una plataforma preparada para la nube

Descubra por qué a las empresas les gusta Liferay


Preparado para la empresa.

La arquitectura de Liferay ofrece escalabilidad, fiabilidad y alto rendimiento, tanto en la nube como "on premise".


Ligero y ágil.

Con Liferay, los proyectos se llevan a cabo en menos tiempo y con un menor coste, obteniendo resultados inmediatos.


Una plataforma completa.

Con herramientas avanzadas de gestión de contenido, colaboración y portal, para que su proyecto requiera la minima personalización.


Tecnología Open Source.

Nuestra comunidad abierta acelera la innovación, incrementa la seguridad y mejora la calidad del software


Compatible con su infraestructura actual.

Liferay le permite reutilizar su software corporativo y aprovechar sus conocimientos y capacidades actuales.


Integración de alto rendimiento.

Liferay puede integrarse con sus sistemas corporativos y repositorios web existentes.

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Stakeholders Reasons


LIferay is fully tailorable for the audience of one with identity management and content targeting that ensure the perfect experience for your customers.

Modern interface

Liferay brings innovation from modern websites and apps into our platform's UI so business users can get work done faster.

Mobile ready

Get responsive web experiences out of the box, build your own native applications, and create a long-term enterprise mobile platform with Liferay.

A Modern Platform for Today's IT

Learn more about Liferay as a modern platform for IT and why we are a great combo with JBoss EAP.

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Can you describe the Liferay + Red Hat collaboration?

The goal of the collaboration is to complement Red Hat/JBoss technologies with Liferay Portal to deliver mobile engagement and digital experience solutions to customers. To do this, Liferay and Red Hat will work together more effectively on multiple fronts: sales, marketing, and engineering.

I'm interested. What can I expect from this collaboration?

As a start, we want to make it easier for customers to install, run, and support Liferay on JBoss EAP. We also want to certify this combination to give customers additional confidence in what they're buying. Our sales and marketing teams will be working closely together to provide a cohesive and streamlined experience for potential customers.

What does this mean for JBoss Portal?

During the last few years Red Hat launched several important new JBoss Middleware products and initiatives, including the xPaaS initiative, which will bring enterprise middleware services to OpenShift's Platform-as-a-Service environment.
Red Hat also has decided to continue support of JBoss Portal through the entirety of its current release stream, scheduled to end in March 2018. Existing customers may renew until this time. However, Red Hat has stopped offering new subscriptions to JBoss Portal since February 28, 2015. Customers looking to deploy a supported, open source-based enterprise portal can consider Liferay Portal.

Can I purchase JBoss EAP through Liferay? Can Red Hat sell Liferay Portal?

Since this is a strategic collaboration, we are not reselling our counterpart's products. But the collaboration does mean that our sales teams will be tightly integrated. This means that we can quickly bring in Red Hat when needed, and vice versa. Our sales leaders will meet regularly to discuss opportunities and identify ways to improve the cooperative selling process. Our aim is to reduce the customer's need to have two separate conversations and go through a lot of redundancies.

Does the collaboration imply that Liferay favors JBoss EAP over other app servers?

We've always said that Liferay is OS, database and app server agnostic - and that's still very true. But there will be cases where a Liferay + JBoss EAP solution makes sense for the customer. We want to identify these cases, and then make the sales and implementation experience better for the customer.

What else is in the works?

We're also working on features that will add value to the combined solution. Some possibilities include new Marketplace apps to surface JBoss EAP's admin console features or to hook into JBoss BRMS. We also hope to expand collaboration to other JBoss middleware products in the near future.

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