The U.S. Navy is one of the most powerful naval forces in the world, with over 870,000 sailors, officers, and specialists. But this impressive workforce also brings with it a daunting challenge: 

How could the US Navy effectively and efficiently support each naval member with the resources, education, and training needed to manage their careers throughout their military service? 

Disparate Apps Make Data Integration Impossible and Employee Experience Terrible

To help sailors manage their career, the Navy had created over 60 separate applications, each handling its own, highly specialized task like requesting leave. 

Having all these applications caused: 

  • Duplicate work and lack of data integration across applications
  • High maintenance costs of maintaining and managing each separate application 
  • Employee dissatisfaction due to uncertainty of where to access critical information

To combat the lowering performance levels and lack of accessibility, the Navy decided to move everything to a single location that would provide an enhanced digital experience to their sailors.

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Unifying Digital Experience a Single Platform 

With the help of partner IBR, the Navy moved everything onto a single solution that could meet their performance requirements and and deliver a great digital experience: Liferay. 

The Navy chose Liferay to build their portal because of the platform’s out-of-the-box instances with limitless customization. 

With Liferay, the team was able to build the MyNavy Portal which allows the Navy to: 

  • Manage content without involving developers or technical teams 
  • Personalize content and functionalities based on user preferences, role, location, and clearance 
  • Implement new services and features quickly through integration or flexible development 

Now the MyNavy Portal provides sailors with an intuitive and unified solution for everything they need to manage their career paths.

To learn more about how the Navy was able to improve the performance of their solution and boost user satisfaction, read the full case study here.