Instructor-led Training

Front-End Developer

Build modern websites with the latest front-end technologies.

Version DXP 7.2 | Length 2 Days

Key Takeaways
  • Control Your Branding
  • Create Modern Websites
  • Empower Your Marketers

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What You'll Learn

  • Front-End Development in Liferay

    • Introducing Front-End Development

      • Adding Custom Branding to the Platform
    • Front-End Development Frameworks in Liferay

      • Framework Options Out of the Box
    • Front-End Development Tools in Liferay

  • Branding the Platform with Themes

    • Adding Custom Branding to Liferay with Themes

    • Adding Custom Styling to the Platform

    • Adding Custom JavaScript to a Theme

    • Configuring the Theme

    • Themelets

    • Including Resources and Widgets

  • Widget Templates

    • Controlling the User Experience in Liferay

    • Customizing Widget Presentation

  • Experience Management

    • Controlling the User Experience in Liferay

    • Controlling Web Content Presentation

    • Reducing Time to Market with Page Fragments

    • Controlling Page Layouts with Layout Templates

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