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8,000 accounts
Support for over 8,000 new accounts daily
41,000 logins
Support for 41,000 unique logins per weekday


VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure, used Liferay to create an innovative and integrated portal that transformed customer experience

VMware is the recognized leader for virtualization and IT infrastructure solutions worldwide. Because of its wide array of services, the company needed to offer an easy way for users to perform routine tasks and support-related functions. The existing website was difficult to navigate and the fractured interface required multiple sign-ons that wasted time and bred frustration. When their customers asked for an updated online portal, VMware chose Liferay as the foundation for a reinvented portal that provided real value.

Liferay offered a cost-effective solution that delivered the functionality VMware needed. It helped VMware aggregate different content sources and integrate the platforms so that users only had to sign into their account once to access all of their products and services. The new portal solved customer frustrations, decreased support calls, and created a consistent, branded interface across all platforms. Additionally, Liferay's modular approach provides the flexibility to add new portals quickly as VMware expands its services and development goals in the future.

We experienced a significant drop in support calls and rise in customer satisfaction due to the new My VMware portal built on Liferay. Our customers now experience a consistent interface across all portals with cross navigation and access to multiple sites through a single account.
Eric Rong
Domain Architect, Custom Applications, VMware