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Petrobras's New Digital Transformation

To celebrate their 70th anniversary, Latin America's largest company by market value updated their digital ecosystem to create better experiences for employees and customers.
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Key Takeaways

  • Create a new digital reality
    Petrobras's once fragmented digital presence hosted on multiple technologies has given way to an ecosystem of external websites centralized on a single platform.
  • Deliver better, more consistent experiences for everyone
    Non-technical teams have gained autonomy to publish and manage sites in a much easier and more agile way, users can access more intuitive sites with brand consistency, and IT now concentrates their efforts on just one technology. 
  • Scale for the future 
    Petrobras will only continue to update their digital presence, and having a secure platform that scales to accommodate growth and changes is fundamental to their success.

70 Years of History: The Perfect Time to Innovate

Petrobras, Latin America's most valuable company and a world leader in the development of advanced technology for deep-water oil exploration, is celebrating their 70th anniversary in 2023 and leading the way in the transition to sustainable energy. With the celebration in mind, Petrobras wanted to revamp their corporate website to express their new positioning and better connect with their audience.

The first step in Petrobras's digital transformation was to review all external communication websites. The company's communications team was faced with a completely fragmented digital presence:
  • 24 active environments on different technological platforms.
  • A large number of disorganized websites created without standardization to meet the demands of different audiences. 
  • Complexity in managing this ecosystem, with numerous contracts with digital agencies, technologies, hosting, and support providers. 
  • Obsolete technologies ended up putting the burden of all the website content management on the communications and IT team, creating an overload and bottlenecks in the update process. 
Liferay Solutions
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A New Paradigm: Everything in One Place

Because of so many obsolete technologies, Petrobras's IT and communications teams came together and decided to centralize their external websites on a single platform. The websites had to meet these three requirements: visual consistency, modularity to adapt to changes, and management autonomy for the other teams. These requirements would given Petrobras the agility they needed.

Since 2018, the Liferay platform had been used in an internal portal and was recognized for its flexible architecture. Petrobras chose Liferay's PaaS solution to meet the project's new technical requirements, with the added benefits of a cloud solution, including greater scalability, monitoring, and 99.5% availability.

After choosing Liferay, it was time to start the implementation process.

Implementation: The New Website Ecosystem

The project itself was already complex and challenging, requiring robust alignment and planning, but the team-spanning nature of the work made it even more difficult of a task. Petrobras used a planning model based on governance and the standardization of websites with Design System, making the website redesign process sustainable and increasingly faster. Different teams also created new work process using the intuitive website publishing tools, which established needed autonomy.

Just one year after the start of the project, Petrobras has successfully launched five websites. In addition, a thematic website template for crisis plans was launched, allowing Petrobras the ability to set up a complete website quickly in cases of operational emergencies.

Check out the timeline:

A Continuous Evolution

Petrobras began a major overhaul of their communication sites in 2022 and continues to innovate in an increasingly agile process. 

Petrobras's next step is to launch their new institutional website in late 2023 in celebration of their 70-year history. The website will focus on Petrobras's leadership in the transition to sustainable energy, sharing success stories from their years in business. In addition, Petrobras's new website will bring:
  • A more intuitive search for the public, with priority content, better SEO practices, and improved site performance
  • A more inclusive environment, with accessibility features up to international standards
  • A better, more user-friendly browsing experience