Three reasons to take a Liferay training course in 2018
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Three reasons to take a Liferay training course in 2018

It's time to brush-up your Liferay knowledge, here are three reasons why.
Training. It might sound like going back to school, but I would ask if there’s any better way to start the year than acquiring new skills that will help you and your team hit their goals.  A study by HR Magazine found that those who receive training are 58% more likely to meet the future demands of a business, and for most of our readers this means delivering digital project success.
Liferay has evolved more in the past two years than at any point in its 18-year history. With Liferay DXP there are new ways to architect, deploy and develop applications that your team will need to understand to reap the benefits and support your future plans – be it rolling out your mobile UX or transforming a business process.
So what exactly are you going to get out of coming to one of our training courses being held this year in London?

1. Develop a rock-solid platform from day one

Learning best practices from the get-go is vital in every project, be it an intranet, partner portal or CMS – especially when we’re talking about building the digital backbone of your company. The last thing you want on a project is to have to back-track because you find something out that could have identified beforehand. Furthermore, those companies that have developed their platform strategy have become better equipped to react to changes in their business and future requirements.
"Training was awesome. It really helped me to understand some fundamentals I'd had no idea about when I was working. Now I understand the platform better." Manovinayak Ayyappan, NCS Pte Ltd.
Features such as staging, workflows and web content management included in our Liferay Fundamentals course are sure to get you or your team ready to implement the most stable possible platform you can with Liferay. 

2. Exploit the full UX capabilities of Liferay DXP

User experience plays a crucial role in establishing the trust of visitors, and their trust of the information being offered to them on your Liferay-powered projects.

Liferay has a vast array of functionality and quite often some of the most useful features can go unnoticed. If you want your instance of Liferay to really stand out and provide an excellent User Experience (UX), our training courses will provide this. Whether you’re designing for an employee using the CMS or a customer visiting your customer portal for the first time, we will show you the best ways to implement an effective UX, how to iterate and how to empower business users to build and publish their own experiences with reusable templates that serve their needs and skills.
Front End Developer training can help your UX and front-end development teams build engaging experiences.

3. Save time and money, and mitigate risk

Security and privacy are at the top of many agendas at the moment with increasingly public breaches and GDPR imminent. We can't solve your GDPR challenges for you, but our training courses can help operations, IT and DevOps teams understand how to maintain a robust and secure platform. If you would like to know more about our commitment to a secure platform at Liferay this paper may be of some interest to you. With a comprehensive System Administrator course available you can prevent unauthorised system access, reduce downtime, and minimize risk.  

UK Liferay Training Programme 2018

These are only a few reasons to take part in our courses here in London. It’s a great chance to see a beautiful part of London, with a picturesque riverfront that overlooks Eel Pie Island, a famous music venue where bands like the Rolling Stones and The Who cut their teeth in the 60’s, and plenty of good pubs and varied restaurants.
We have held many private training sessions here in London, but this is our first full public training programme and it's held in our office training facility, so come in and get to know the Liferay UK team!

Liferay UK training

Choose from training courses throughout 2018, starting from February with Application Developer.

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January 29, 2018
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January 30, 2018
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