Toll Global Express Rolls Out New Intranet and Website in Eight Weeks

Australia’s premier transportation and logistics company built two new solutions using Liferay DXP in the cloud.
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Key Takeaways

  • Deploy fast with a cloud solution.
    Toll Global Express was able to get both their employee portal and website live within two months despite organizational re-shuffling.
  • Add critical self-service functionality to your platform for time-saving results.
    With employees able to self-service through the employee portal and customers able to track shipments themselves on the website, employee productivity has increased and customer calls to the call center have reduced.
  • Meet unique challenges head-on with out-of-the-box thinking.
    For the Toll Global Express employees that don’t work in a traditional office, the IT team was able to create a way for them to access the intranet without the mechanics of a formal identity management system, improving productivity.


Toll Global Express builds innovative and tailored solutions across road, rail, air, and sea. Toll Global Express provides transport, logistics, and business offerings to customers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Moving the businesses that move the world, Toll Global Express solves both simple and complex transportation needs for their customers.
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When Toll Global Express switched parent companies, their technology requirements changed too. Under an entirely new management team, 8,000 employees had to shift organizational structures within a tight timeframe, and those employees needed a secure employee portal that would help guide them through the transition.

Toll Global Express’s employee portal needed to be:
  1. Informative and up to date. Policies, relevant information including a complete user directory, and news needed to be easily digestible and searchable.
  2. Hosted on a reliable platform. The IT team didn’t have the time or the resources to host a solution on their own.
  3. Accessible offline. Most of Toll Global Express’s employees like frontline drivers and forklift operators didn’t have regular technology access but still had to be connected to the employee portal in some way. 
I really feel that it is … one team, it’s not just a vendor and a supplier relationship—we’re all invested in this together.
Grant Pattison
Head – IT Delivery


Toll Global Express turned to Liferay to implement their new employee portal solution, having leveraged Liferay technology for more than five years through their digital self-service and ordering platform. Due to the time constraints, with Toll Global Express needing the solution live within four weeks, Liferay recommended their DXP Cloud platform, which would enable fast deployment and hands-off maintenance.

With the aid of Liferay Professional Services, one-on-one internal training, and Liferay University, the Toll Global Express team was able to get their freshly-branded employee portal up and running on time.

The employee portal, called GEConnect, was so successful that the Toll Global Express team leveraged Liferay to create another important solution: a public website that would serve customers and parcel receivers. As the Head of IT Delivery, Grant Pattison, put it, “We were able to … stand up two fundamental platforms for the new company inside a couple [of] months using the same team and the same infrastructure and the same approach.”


With all 8,000 employees able to use GEConnect, user feedback for the employee portal has been positive. Employees now have access to a number of self-service capabilities such as raising an IT ticket, finding their payslips, and reading up on different policies and procedures, and as a result, productivity has increased. Workers who require offline access can get access to the employee portal by registering their mobile number and receiving text updates. 

As for the new website, self-service capabilities have reduced calls to the call center and increased revenue, as visitors can now track their own shipments, request quotes, and make inquiries.

The website has also delivered the following key results since its launch:
  1. Increased booking rate.
    Streamlined options have simplified the decision-making process for the end-user, resulting in a 40% conversion rate of quote requests to bookings.
  2. First result on search pages. 
    Before, Toll Global Express had limited to no web presence with their website, but now the new website ranks as the first search result, driving traffic to the right place.
  3. 40,000 monthly hits.
    In just a few months since launch, Toll Global Express has seen a massive upsurge in traffic, with the organic growth quickly turning the website into a key asset.
Although the IT team set up GEConnect and the website, the business side is able to run day-to-day updates because of Liferay’s low-code friendly platform. Up next for Toll Global Express is a full rebranding as they expand from B2B to B2C as well, dedicated to providing customers throughout New Zealand and Australia with exceptional and timely service.