Needing a More Digital Direction

The Liferay platform provides us with a modern portal environment in which to host both our content and self-service applications.
Tonie Calogero
Portal Administrator for the BC Pension Corporation

The BC Pension Corporation is one of the largest professional pension services providers in Canada, serving one in nine BC citizens with over 560,000 active and retired plan members and more than 1,100 plan employers.

When faced with a portal that was reaching end-of-life support, the BC Pension Corporation went searching for a better, more digital-forward option, eventually choosing Liferay, as Portal Administrator Tonie Calogero explained, because Liferay “aligned with our corporate direction of digitization and expanded services.” In addition, “Liferay provided a stable supported platform with a strong ecosystem that enabled us to transition our applications and content.”

The BC Pension Corporation used Liferay to build a platform that serves as an all-in-one tool for members. Users can go to the platform to access account information and self-service options as well as find valuable tools and resources.

Upgrading for Even Better User Experiences

Recently, the BC Pension Corporation tackled a new challenge for their platform: upgrading to Liferay DXP from Liferay 6.2.

Liferay DXP offers continued support for their platform and extended relevancy, providing even better user experiences through features like more self-service options.

Continue reading to see how BC Pension was able to successfully upgrade to serve their customers with easy and secure access to the right information.

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