Developing for the Future with Liferay DXP

We’re well-positioned both with Liferay and the Google Cloud Platform so that we can move into the future and meet the requirements that are coming.
Bob Ward
IT Engineer

As a leading provider of enterprise software and services designed for global manufacturing companies, QAD has been leveraging Liferay’s platform to deliver both internal and external sites for several years. After careful consideration, it became clear to QAD’s IT team that, in order to continue moving their business into the future, they needed to implement major architectural and technological changes. So they decided to execute an upgrade to Liferay DXP and a migration to the Google Cloud Platform—at the same time.


Increasing Code Velocity By Upgrading to Liferay DXP

When QAD finalized the decision to upgrade to Liferay DXP from Liferay 6.2, they turned to Liferay Professional Services. Together, they came up with a plan that had a manageable amount of risk and took into account the fact that the upgrade and migration were happening in tandem.

Upgrading to Liferay DXP means QAD can now keep up with the fast pace of shifting development, allowing QAD to code and iterate faster. Developers have increased their velocity to 10–15 plugin updates and changes each week. For the future, QAD hopes to extend Liferay DXP platform use to their business teams as well in order to help them realize their own goals. Being on DXP will also make future upgrades more straightforward, taking up less time and fewer resources.

Positioned for Success

Although there were challenges in upgrading and migrating at the same time, the benefits reaped in the present, and planted for the future, outweighed the challenges.

“Digital transformation is more than a buzzword,” Bob Ward, IT Engineer, said. “Even though it’s really hard, you’re able to position yourself to go forward and do great things.”

Case Study
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