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Liferay Launches WeDeploy, a Powerful Cloud Platform for Fast Deployment of Modern Apps

With comprehensive built-in tooling and microservices, WeDeploy eliminates backend bottlenecks and gets developers’ apps to market faster

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – (October 9, 2017) – Liferay, Inc., which makes digital experience software for enterprises, today announced the immediate availability of WeDeploy, a new cloud platform giving developers the infrastructure, services and hosting capabilities required to quickly build, launch and scale their applications. WeDeploy first debuted at Liferay DEVCON 2017, held October 4-6 in Amsterdam.

“With WeDeploy, we’re releasing a platform designed from the ground up to meet developers’ needs for a powerful, intuitive application deployment solution – and one which we believe also empowers any business to get on the fast track toward meeting their digital transformation and customer engagement goals,” said Brian Chan, Chief Software Architect, Liferay.

WeDeploy removes common backend obstacles so that application developers can focus time and resources on the differentiating features of their products. Businesses creating an application need a fast, reliable deployment method. WeDeploy provides easy application hosting through the cloud with just a few lines of code. By leveraging the Docker ecosystem, developers can use WeDeploy’s powerful hosting capabilities to deploy a fully customizable stack with a preferred runtime platform, application server or database.

Additionally, WeDeploy meets the demands of modern apps for a robust infrastructure, significantly reducing time to market of apps. Through WeDeploy, developers have access to intuitive tools and out-of-the-box capabilities needed for today’s applications, such as GitHub integration, automatic traffic distribution, global DNS routing, application monitoring, log management, application health checks and secure data transfers. Moreover, by offering these services through a unified platform, WeDeploy saves businesses from the consistency issues they may face with multiple service providers.

WeDeploy also acts as an all-in-one platform for prepackaged microservices including user authentication, real-time data and email. From third-party authentication through Facebook or Google to real-time content streaming and search capabilities, these plug-and-play services can be easily implemented with intuitive and versatile APIs.

Liferay’s core enterprise solution – Liferay Digital Experience Platform – allows organizations to achieve digital transformation and provide better customer experiences, and WeDeploy is a natural extension of this vision. WeDeploy can serve to unify a business’s customer experiences across all touchpoints, delivering the real-time data needed to make those experiences consistent. WeDeploy’s advantages in the rapid development and deployment of new tools can also improve business operations and customer service, as well as add agility to the execution of a business’s overall digital strategy.

“Our focus is always on improving experiences, whether it’s the experience of a single developer building an application, or making it quicker and easier for enterprises to execute an omnichannel strategy across every customer interaction,” Chan said.

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