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15 Awesome Customer Portal Examples

Learn how different portals deliver tailored customer experiences

Improving customer experiences should be at the top of every company’s list of main priorities. Investing into good customer service tools, like customer portals, can improve retention rates and increase profit. However, in order to reap those benefits, your customer portal needs to be user friendly, intuitive and provide value to your customers. Draw insights from companies, across different industries, that used Liferay’s scalable and flexible technology to build successful customer portals:

1. HDI

Italian insurer, HDI Assicurazioni, wanted to build a self-service customer portal that would allow their policyholders to easily and quickly access their personal data, polies, and respective claims on a single platform without needing a contact a representative. 

They used Liferay because it is a open, interoperable, and protected platform that can be reused for new solutions in view of four different investment optimizations. 

Since the launch of the new customer portal, 13% of clients have been able to register for new accounts on their own. In the first 6 months, the insurer saw over 50,000 new registrations. 

Self-service was not only beneficial to customers, but also extremely helpful to free up the internal IT team and streamline process management within the organization. 


2. Gulf Insurance Group - Kuwait 

As the largest insurance company in Kuwait, Gulf Insurance Group - Kuwait (GIG), wanted to improve their digital presence in order to deliver better experiences to their policyholders. Their custom-built solutions could not integrate together and confused users with dissimilar interfaces and navigation experiences. 

With Liferay, GIG was able to bring all their platforms into one platform. Now customers can purchase a new insurance policy, request a quote, and get claims approved all through the customer portal. 

These new features have not only been incredibly useful during the COVID-19 pandemic, but has also lead to a 30% increase in the customer base, with improvements in digital engagement. 


3. VMware

As an industry-leading company that builds cloud infrastructure and IT solutions, VMware needed a customer portal that delivered a user-friendly experience for customers. Using Liferay, the new MyVMware is an integrated, account-based portal that lets customers manage product license keys and support. Millions of users are able to search for information quicker, access self-service downloads and evaluations and enter multiple sites through a single account. With the launch of the new portal, there has been a decrease in support calls and customer satisfaction scores have improved due to enhanced usability and efficiency.

4. Airbus Helicopters

More than 3,000 civil and military operators rely on Airbus Helicopters’ customer portal to keep their aircraft operational. Therefore, the company needed to redesign the portal in order to turn it into a modern customer engagement tool that could be accessed anytime through any device. Airbus Group chose Liferay for its rich features and customizable elements. Keycopter, the new portal, was rolled out to over 24,000 users across 3,000 companies. The operators can view and download up-to-date technical documents, manage claims and warranties, purchase spare parts and track online invoices all through a single platform. Modernizing this online service helped to enhance customer experiences and simplify their operations.

5. Spire, Inc.

As the fifth largest publicly traded gas utility in the U.S., Spire needed to update its two separate online account management websites to one single platform solution in order to improve customer service. This new portal successfully integrates with existing ERP systems, two payment processing systems and two mobile workforce management systems. It also displays gas usage charts, enables online bill payment, and provides self-service tools for enrolling in payment arrangements and paperless billing. The myAccount site is easy to use and responsive for all devices. Due to the positive feedback from customers, Spire plans to introduce cutting-edge features such as real-time technician tracking and smart device integration in the near future.

6. Merkur Versicherung AG 

As one of Austria's oldest insurance companies, Merkur Versicherung AG wanted to provide its policyholders with a more modern experience that would enable a seamless customer experience and support optimal business processes. 

With Liferay, the insurer was able to build a unified solution that empowers customers to view contracts, submit bills, and sign up for programs with self-service. Customers are also able to see personalized content based on their role. 



EATEL is a family-owned and operated communications company in Louisiana that needed a responsive self-service customer portal to support their residential and business customers. After using Liferay DXP to create a new website, EATEL also used Liferay to build their customer portal. The launch of the new portal brought reduced customer service calls, greater accessibility through responsive design, decreased billing issues and all together improved customer satisfaction. “The flexibility of Liferay has been key,” the director of IS at EATEL said. “So much of the portal is editable by non-developers, allowing us to focus our most technical internal resources on the intricacies of integrations and highly advanced content pages. This also enables us to be quick to market with offers and promotions that might have taken up to a month to reach users through other means.”

8. Britam 

Britam is a leading diversified financial services group that serves countries in Africa offering life assurance, health insurance, retirement planning and asset management. The company launched an ambitious IT-enabled business transformation project in hopes of creating convenient solutions for customers, staff and agents while bringing in aggressive growth in income and profitability. To accomplish these lofty goals, Britam leveraged Liferay as a solution central to their digital transformation goals. Customers can now access self-service options for Britam’s Life business products in one single unified interface. With the Liferay platform, Britam also built a partner service portal, financial advisor portal, corporate intranet and seven corporate websites.

9. Suez 

Suez, a water and waste management company in Australia, realized that they would have to create a digital platform for their customers in order to deliver better customer service for continual success. The company had to undergo deep digital transformation due to their old underlying legacy systems and outdated technologies. They required a digital platform with flexible integration capabilities. The new portal allowed customers to perform self-service scheduling, request for new services and access reporting on metrics such as environmental impact. Suez is able to stay competitive and provide first-class customer service with an innovative customer service portal.

10. BSES Delhi

With over millions of people depending on BSES Delhi to deliver power, the utility company wanted to revamp their customer portal to be more modern and scalable. 

By moving onto Liferay, BSES was able to launch a self-service portal and mobile app that allowed customers to make payments, view bill history, track complaint statuses on their own. Because of these streamlined processes, online payments have increased by 50%. Additionally, because of Liferay's out-of-the-box features, development resources have decreased by 20%, empowering BSES to strategically meet business requirements faster.

11. Eni

In order to offer more efficient customer spaces to reduce customer service calls and provide better customer experiences, Eni, a natural gas supplier in France, found the flexible, autonomous, single interface solution they needed in Liferay. With over a million private individual customers and 73,000 business customers, Eni built a platform on Liferay that could accommodate these different groups and needs with automatic meter reading, billing and editorial content.

12. Apicil

For many years, Apicil owned around 15 different websites that were not updated, not scalable and unable to provide satisfactory customer service. The social protection group based in France decided to consolidate all of these websites into one efficient customer portal. In this secure portal, customers can access real-quote simulations, download statements and pay hospital fees. By moving information online, the company saves 1.5 million paper statements and can reimburse invoices uploaded to the portal that same day.

13. Thales

A global technology leader for aerospace, space, transport, defense and security markets, Thales needed to create a portal that would boast operational efficiency for their thousands of active users, especially for their civil and defense customers. This customer portal needed to be able to replace the various individual portals used by separate customer entities. The Customer OnLine portal built on Liferay is a dynamic and collaborative solution that allows users to order through the portal, track progress for repairs and share documents or discuss on a forum space. The success of the customer portal eventually led to the creation of a supplier portal, Supplier OnLine.


14. Carrefour Bank 

A popular bank in Brazil, Carrefour Bank used Liferay to build on top of its old existing customer portal to provide greater benefits to its clients while saving time and resources for customer support. Liferay was capable of connecting existing business and legacy systems to enable new projects and growth. Now customers are able to access financial extracts, negotiate debts and credits and have access to self-service options through the portal.

15. Bosch Smart Home

Bosch Smart Home's online customer portal handles returns, processes warranties, provides self-service chat functionality and hosts installation videos. As another touchpoint for customers, Bosch ensured that their Online-Shop would be seamless and consistent with their other channels. Liferay's flexibility and integration capabilities helped accomplish that and continue to be key drivers for delivering best possible customer experience.  

Finding the Right Portal Technology for You

No matter what features you need in your customer portal, Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) can be the foundation for your company’s digital transformation.

Learn more about the key benefits of a customer portal solution built on Liferay DXP  
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