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Luxury Fragrance Company Automates Their Entire Ordering Process

Sapphire Group used Liferay Commerce to build a fast, easy, and intuitive wholesale ordering system.
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Key Takeaways

  • Reduce human error and save time with automation.
    Sapphire Group’s previous manual ordering processes were vulnerable to mistakes, but the new automated system handles orders seamlessly and error-free.
  • Prioritize precious customer service hours effectively.
    Since the customer service team no longer has to handle orders placed over the phone or via email (now that customers can self-service), they can allocate their resources towards dealing with other urgent issues.
  • Find a B2B Commerce solution with the features you need to thrive in a digital marketplace.
    With Liferay Commerce, Sapphire Group’s system can include discount codes, limit what buyers can see, integrate with other systems, and much more.


Based in Australia, Sapphire Group is a manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality fragrances under their flagship brands, Glasshouse Fragrances and Circa. Creating exceptional, memorable products like diffusers, candles, eau de parfum, and homecare essentials, Sapphire Group’s lines are sold all over the globe. 
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As Sapphire Group became more and more of a leader and pioneer in the home fragrance manufacturing industry, they looked for opportunities to extend that strategy on the digital front with their wholesale ordering system.

However, Sapphire Group’s existing process of inputting and managing orders hindered this goal due to the fact that:
  1. Ordering products was tedious and inefficient.
    All orders from Business Development Managers (BDMs) and other wholesale customers had to be placed over the phone or via email, taking up valuable customer service hours.
  2. Processing orders also happened too slowly.
    After the orders went through over the phone or email, they had to be manually processed through Excel, so there was a delay between the receipt of the order and dispatch.
  3. Looking through the product catalog wasn’t easy.
    BDMs couldn’t browse the product catalog and order from the same platform, creating an overall user experience that wasn’t ideal.
We loved how [Liferay Commerce] was easy to use.
Georgina Garrity
Sales director at Sapphire group


Before settling on a B2B Commerce platform, Sapphire Group conducted a thorough evaluation of multiple potential vendors, narrowing down their pool of candidates based on order efficiency, ability to handle various sales rules, and easy integration with outside systems.

Liferay Commerce ticked all of these requirements and more, offering a straightforward user interface and flexible content features. Over a six-month period with the assistance of Liferay Support, Sapphire Group built Sapphire Ordering System (SOS) for their BDMs, major retailers, and more than 600 small business owners.


SOS has been rolled out to all BDMs, with a full rollout to remaining customers imminent. So far, both BDMs and Sapphire Group customer service have given very positive feedback about the new secure and automatic ordering system. Liferay supports Sapphire’s rewards tiers, which incentivize their buyers, and can also implement business rules like discounts.

Since going live with SOS, Sapphire Group has seen the following results:
  1. Efficiency has increased and margins of error have decreased.
    Now that orders are no longer input twice, mistakes happen less frequently, and there’s no lag between order receipt and dispatch since the orders go directly through Liferay Commerce.
  2.  Customers have 24/7 online ordering access.
    Because customers can place an order anywhere, anytime without having to go through customer service, the overall customer experience has improved.
  3. Customers can view and order products from a single location.
    In the product catalog, Liferay Commerce displays all product information and images alongside ordering functionality, and BDMs have noted how easy the catalog is to navigate. 
After the full SOS rollout, Sapphire Group plans to implement the system in different countries, using Liferay technology to enable them to scale realistically. With Glasshouse Fragrances and Circa recently getting their own total refresh, Sapphire Group continues to be a luminous innovator in the home fragrance industry.