EdTech Startup Hits 1 Million App Downloads By Unifying Crucial Educational Resources on One Platform

Aku Pintar created a website and mobile application with Liferay that empowers students and schools across Indonesia.
One Million
App Downloads
25,000 Peak 
Three Month
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Key Takeaways

  • Choose a solution that already has the features and functionality you need. 
    Aku Pintar was able to save valuable development time and resources using Liferay’s out-of-the-box features.
  • Unify teams and processes with the DevOps model.
    Bringing their development and operations teams into alignment was another key factor in accelerating development.
  • Engage your users across multiple platforms.
    Aku Pintar developed both a website and a mobile application to make sure they could maximize the user experience for their audience.


Aku Pintar is an Indonesian-based education technology startup with a vision of bringing accessible educational resources to people who need them. Aku Pintar offers students, schools, and educators community forums, practice exams, information about scholarships, digital classrooms, and more.
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The vision of Aku Pintar was ambitious: to fundamentally change the educational landscape in Indonesia by creating one place that would connect users to important resources, news, information, and even teaching itself.

As they searched for a solution to support this vision, Aku Pintar hoped to avoid the following potential pitfalls:
  1. Lack of a standardized DevOps process. In the past, no formalized process for unifying the development and operations teams together caused roadblocks and communication issues.
  2. Slow development time. Previous platforms made it necessary to develop a lot of custom code from scratch, resulting in delays and lost development resources that could have been otherwise allocated.
  3. Difficulty scaling and maintaining the platform. The new platform would need to be able to keep pace with a rapid rollout and influx of users at specific peak times as growth continued.
Liferay can help companies to accelerate product development.
Prasetya Gilang


Aku Pintar wanted a solution that would give them the ability to achieve their vision without sacrificing time developing custom features. Ultimately, Aku Pintar decided on Liferay DXP, which CTO Prasetya Gilang called “a complete platform” for the features Liferay was able to provide out-of-the-box.

With the help of resources like Liferay documentation and Liferay Support, Aku Pintar was able to deliver a public website and Android and iOS-supported mobile application with the core necessary functionality in just three months. Since then, as market and user needs have increased, Aku Pintar has kept expanding functionality.

Aku Pintar takes advantage of analytics in Liferay for tracking and understanding user behavior as well as single sign-on integration for a seamless user experience between the website and the mobile application. Easy content management helps important educational news and updates to be published on a regular basis, ensuring relevance.


Implementing Liferay as their website and mobile solution has meant Aku Pintar can spend more time focusing on how best to meet Indonesia’s educational needs with a stable, maintainable, and secure solution.

Since the launch of their website and mobile application, Aku Pintar has been able to:
  1. Hit 1 million app downloads. The mobile application has had a very successful launch, with upwards of 100,000 users logging in regularly.
  2.  Accelerate execution from concept to reality. Practicing the DevOps model has cut development time and made continuous updates possible.
  3. Provide support on multiple platforms.  Because Aku Pintar is available across all devices including mobile, they are able to reach and effectively engage their audience.
Looking forward, Aku Pintar hopes to leverage AI and other new capabilities in Liferay as they continue to advance their vision of bringing education and assistance to new generations of Indonesians.