Liferay: the technical platform at the heart of the group's digital transformation

Making new digital services available to customers is part of our drive for innovation. Our web portal based on Liferay has allowed us to design them in a simple and evolving manner which respects the Group's values.
Yohann Burgan
Digital Product Manager

Apicil is a social protection group based in Lyon, France, which was formed by employees and companies in 1938. It is the 5th largest social protection group in France. It operates in the fields of health, welfare, savings and pension.

For many years, the Apicil Group owned around 15 different websites that were out of date, not scalable and unable to provide the outstanding level of services they desired. In 2013, a decision was made to create a single website that would simplify access to the Group's different services. In addition, it would allow it to develop new kinds of services for its customers and partners, in particular, by allowing users to conduct simple, administrative tasks and access personal information with ease. This major project also involved a switch to a paperless system for all of the Group's documents and processes.

To date, 120,000 users log-on the new website and have access to a wide range of services. For customers, the website is now easier to use and holds a wealth of information. The information system department, on the other hand, appreciates Liferay's flexibility and the way it can be easily integrated with existing business applications.

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