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Iberdrola launches new user-friendly website

The new corporate website places the user at the center thanks to Liferay DXP.
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The Iberdrola group is a global energy leader. More than twenty years ago, anticipating the energy transition, they decided to put their faith in renewable energies to combat climate change and offer a sustainable and competitive business model. 

Iberdrola puts innovation at the service of society, developing initiatives that reduce environmental impact to strengthen social dividend and ensure that their activity generates more value in the communities where they are present.
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As a step to further its firm commitment to stakeholders, Iberdrola decided to embark on a project to renew its corporate website in order to adapt to the group's new communication needs. Because of its global position, the site had to serve the interests of its hundreds of thousands of international visitors.
At the same time, the company needed to improve and evolve its online presence to align with its market position as a benchmark for a sustainable energy model, so it needed to highlight, for example, ESG criteria (environmental, social and governance). The aim was to keep all stakeholders informed through the inclusion of abundant graphic and interactive material, as well as to facilitate access to the most relevant information.

Additionally, in order to adapt to user access from any device, the website had to be responsive and offer the best user experience.

Finally, the new website had to cover specific needs to offer new features such as a highly visible space for the events agenda, improvements in the search engine and new applications in content categorization.
Its flexibility allows the site to adapt to a constantly changing and innovative digital environment, and to meet the needs for information and multimedia features. The platform also features advanced security measures to ensure service stability and personalize the digital experiences of a global audience."
Iberdrola Group


With all these considerations, Iberdrola embarked on the project to renew its corporate website with Liferay. The platform has the functionality, flexibility, customization, SEO features, and security capabilities needed to ensure the stability of the service, facilitate navigation and access to the most relevant information, and offer the best digital experience to a global audience. 

Another important feature required was the speed in publication. With the Liferay platform, Iberdrola has been able to optimize the process and shorten publication times. 

Finally, Liferay DXP has made it possible to develop in full compliance with the Web 2.1 Content Accessibility Guidelines established by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).


Liferay's capabilities have enabled Iberdrola to modernize its corporate website and take another step forward in its overall digital transformation model. Thanks to this new platform, the website offers: 
  1. Content and messages in three languages (Spanish, English, and Portuguese) and is able to adapt them regionally.
  2.  A more accessible space, which is a breakthrough in terms of user experience.
  3. Clear and innovative narrative structure that prioritizes ESG criteria and facilitates access to the most relevant information.
  4. Engaging and attractive information with animated graphics, opening the door to a more interactive space where the user can easily find information about clean energy and Iberdrola's activities.
  5. Content distribution that helps users access Iberdrola's news more quickly.
  6. Preferential space for Iberdrola's corporate events agenda, which will include the company's milestones, as well as its main facilities and projects. 
  7. Double A Accessibility certificate of the W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Web 2.1 Content Accessibility Guidelines for content related to the General Shareholders' Meeting.
This initiative is part of a complete digital transformation plan for the Iberdrola Group's different websites, which will be migrated to the Liferay platform in the coming months.
Liferay has provided Iberdrola with the necessary technology and the support of its Global Services team to redesign its corporate website and meet all the objectives that had been set with this project .