Putting the User at the Heart of the Business

Transparency, collaboration, sharing and empowerment are at the heart of our Open Source philosophy. Adopting the “Open Way of Working” is all about making our business activity user-centric and quickly developing innovative and scalable solutions.
Nicolas Fanjeau
Information Technology Manager

Open Source is definitely a priority for Airbus. Staying competitive means working quicker and increasing productivity.

To increase motivation and efficiency among the teams, the Airbus Aircraft division decided to consolidate its ITSM tools into one user-centric solution. Due to its rich features and customization capacities, Liferay’s technology was selected for deploying the self-service portal to 100,000 users (engineering, program, etc.). The aim is to make users less dependent on IT support and reduce the number of emails and calls received by the Service Desk.

The portal was soon utilized by many, with 290,000 visits and 2,200,000 page views in ten months, with a peak of 18,000 page views per day. With approximately 1,200 incidents created per day on the portal, the Service Desk now manages 30% less incidents, which facilitates better cost control and enables incidents to be resolved quicker.

A mobile app has also been developed. This app offers the same features and personalized services as the portal.

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