Manufacturing Customer Portals

How Liferay Helps Manufacturers Minimize Downtime For Their Customers

Customer service portals built with Liferay help manufacturers keep their clients operational through the following capabilities:
Consolidate Equipment Portfolios
Show your customers' past purchases, service records, and even IoT telemetry in one place to make maintenance planning easier and more efficient.
Create Powerful Knowledge Bases
Keep customers educated on the best practices on operating your equipment, thereby increasing machine productivity.
Offer Renewable Subscription Contracts
Set up recurring maintenance reminders, service visits, or parts orders and offer scheduled purchases of consumables.
Create Product Bundles
Make ordering easy and ensure compatibility with easy to set up product bundles which also reduce costly returns.

Increase Equipment Uptime and Become a Valued Partner

Manufacturers can rely on Liferay’s powerful Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to build superior customer portal experiences that can simplify complexity, reduce cost-to-serve, and ultimately increase revenue through easy purchasing. ​​If your customers aren’t up and running, they aren’t making money. Make every second count and help your customers minimize unplanned downtime.

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