Liferay Portal Enterprise Subscription

Get Peace of Mind: Liferay Portal Enterprise Subscription

A Liferay Portal Enterprise Subscription is the best way for demanding enterprises to take advantage of Liferay's market-leading innovation with the reduced risk exposure and long-term stability of professionally supported software.

Your subscription entitles you to regular service packs, a commercial service level agreement, and much more.

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Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition (EE), which is included in a Liferay Portal Enterprise Subscription, is configured for enterprise environments that require support for redundancy, failover, and load balancing to ensure maximum uptime of your Liferay-based solution. Exclusive EE features like improved memory management and Terracotta support allow you to scale your system efficiently as your user base grows.


Liferay Portal EE was benchmarked as one of the market's most secure portal platforms with its use of industry standard, government-grade encryption technologies. Subscribers benefit from additional security patches discovered by the customer network delivered via regular service packs. For browser-level security, Liferay Portal EE implements the Top 10 recommended best practices published by the OWASP organization.


Liferay Portal EE is tuned against several major application servers and databases for optimal performance under load. Custom-configured to meet the mission-critical speed and scalability needs of large enterprise deployments, Liferay Portal EE offers all the essential capabilities of the core Liferay product in production-ready form.


To ensure a stable product for enterprise customers, no new features are added to Liferay Portal EE, eliminating the risk of new defects being introduced by new features. Each Liferay Portal EE service pack is thoroughly tested using additional quality assurance processes to ensure that the product becomes more stable with each release.

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