Liferay is a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for the Sixth Year! Find out why

Successful software projects depend on more than source code. Solutions need to be configured, tested, and prepared to run in demanding production environments, and you need the right team to resolve inevitable issues.

What comes with your Subscription

Professional Support

Software updates, security patches and a 24-hour support team that will respond quickly to your call.

Enterprise-Ready Software

Our subscription includes access to every current version of Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition, subscription-only plug-ins, and free EE software upgrades.

Management Tools

Liferay Connected Services helps you diagnose slow page load times, analyze traffic, and manage bug fixes and service packs.

Open Source Confidence

We care about protecting our customers and ensuring that they are able to maintain business continuity with their Liferay project in the event an intellectual property issue arises.


We've seen a constant increase in visitor numbers over the last few years. That translates into millions in revenue through The May Fair website which runs on Liferay.


Why a Liferay Enterprise Subscription?

We've seen it before

Many of Liferay's customers have faced the same issues you're facing. We may already have solved your problem for them and have a fix ready to go.

Four years of updates

Liferay Enterprise Subscription gives you four years of software updates per version. Liferay Community Edition is only updated once or twice after the first GA release.

We've done this for years

Your team may be starting their first Liferay project. Our engineers have been supporting Liferay for the last ten years.

A relationship with Liferay

Liferay works with our customers on our product roadmap and feature requests. We can also help you deliver more successful projects by sharing best practices and connecting you with other customers.

The deployment strategy of choice for Liferay's 1800+ enterprise customers.

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What are the service levels for EE?

Liferay Portal EE is offered at two service levels designed to fit your company's needs.

Will I have access to the source for Liferay Portal EE?

Yes. We recognize that one of the other advantages of open source is the fact that developers can diagnose problems for themselves. In realizing this, we will continue to provide our source code for both in conjunction with a subscription.
Liferay Portal EE is made available under a commercial license. Users benefit from the same high quality features and innovation that results from our ten years of valuable user feedback from the community but with added legal protection.

How often will Liferay Portal EE versions be released?

A version of Liferay Portal EE will be released following the release of each new major/minor release of Liferay CE. Every Liferay EE version will be supported for at least four years with bug fixes back ported (bug fixes, security updates, performance enhancements) for all previous versions that are currently not EOSL. Please see the EOSL Policy page for a detailed description. Currently, Liferay expects to make an EE version available roughly 1-2 months after each CE release.