How does Liferay help me?

Build relationships with customers by making relevant information available at the right moment.

Liferay helps you efficiently craft consistent digital touchpoints across your enterprise. From websites, to mobile apps, kiosks and person-to-person interactions, you need a platform that ties them all together for your customers.

How is Liferay typically used?

Engage users throughout the entire customer journey

Liferay is typically used to build websites, portals and native mobile apps that engage customers wherever they are. Our clients also have other websites powered by third-party vendors. Liferay provides User Profiles, Content Management and Documents to all of these touchpoints.

Liferay also integrates information and applications from existing systems (such as SAP or SalesForce) and makes them available to Liferay and non-Liferay based sites.

Information from customer interactions at each channel are brought back to Liferay to provide a fuller understanding of the customer.


I'm not ready for a platform. What if I'm just getting started with a website?

A platform that can grow with your needs.

If you're not ready for a full-fledged digital platform strategy, Liferay lets you start small: build a single website, customer portal or intranet to start and expand your vision later.

Which features are part of the Liferay platform?

Core Platform

Platform Services

Ensure every app and website you have works dependably, consistently, and efficiently.

Users and Profiles
Cloud Support
Web Services
Message Bus

Supporting Products

Liferay Mobile Technologies

A collection of mobile technologies, to help you reuse core business services from your mobile channels and get native apps to market quickly.

Liferay Sync

Liferay Sync is an enterprise file syncing and sharing service that works from desktop and mobile devices.

Management, Tooling, and Third Party Apps

Liferay Connected Services

LCS helps companies manage Liferay in production environments with performance reports, fix pack management, and maintenance updates.

Liferay Developer Studio

LDS makes it easier for developers to get started creating new Liferay apps, including components, plugins, and apps.

Liferay Marketplace

Harness the innovation of our open source community and network of certified partners who create free and commercial offerings via the Liferay Marketplace.

Why should I choose Liferay over other solutions?

Liferay vs. Other Enterprise Portals

Agile Development

Other leading portals are heavy and complicated. Liferay provides the right combination of features, robustness, and agility.

Open Source

The Liferay platform is open source, which makes it more reliable, innovative and secure than proprietary offerings.

Liferay vs. Content Management Systems

Full Customer Lifecycle

Liferay can support your customer-facing efforts from Digital Marketing to Self-Service to Customer Support.

Enterprise Integration

Meaningful digital experiences require extensive integration with backend systems so customers get the right information and can complete transactions. CMSes aren't designed for integration.

Go Beyond Managing Content

Impressive digital experinces bring content, applications and people together in the right context. CMS products are primarily designed to create and store web content.

Liferay vs. Homegrown Solutions

Time to Market

Liferay includes the most important core functionality needed by most modern digital experience projects so companies can focus on areas of competitive advantage.

Benefits of Microservices Without DevOps Complexity

Liferay provides the benefits of a modular architecture and manages the complexity of microservices for you.

How should I deal with Liferay in Production?

How you run your software in production is as important as choosing the right package.

Liferay has built its business becoming the best partner for providing enterprise-quality support, updates, and management tools to companies running Liferay in production.

The Liferay Enterprise Subscription is designed to help companies minimize the costs of operating a Liferay-based solution with the highest levels of reliability, security, and scalability.

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