Global Advanced Materials Supplier Uses Intranet Content to Build Community

In four months we had a 20% increase in sessions, a 9% increase in sessions per user, a 40% increase in page views, and a 24% reduction in bounce rate. In 90 days our numbers solidified our investment completely.
Stacey Papp
Global Communications Lead

The materials Materion supplies aren’t often thought of or seen by consumers. This B2B company produces alloys, compounds, beryllium products, and other advanced materials that make technology and innovations possible across numerous sectors.

With 2,600 employees needing to be connected in order to create the best possible materials, Materion had outgrown a previous Liferay solution as well as a reliance on email communication.

Global Communications Lead, Stacey Papp, immediately saw the need to upgrade the company’s employee solution. “Our intranet was functioning but not nearly at the capacity it should or in a way we wanted it to. We knew it could be more and our goal was to set out and make that happen.” Despite researching other options, Materion chose to upgrade with Liferay for a number of reasons— one being the security clearance necessary to be their vendor. Additionally, Liferay DXP would allow Materion to upgrade the existing solution and customize it to the supplier’s unique use case.


An Intranet Built with Better Communication in Mind

Over the course of four months, Papp researched other intranets, took cues from the best parts of the current solution, and developed a game plan. She then partnered with various stakeholders within Materion to sketch out new designs and stacks — focusing on creating an intranet that would offer effective support company-wide.

According to Papp, she had an aspirational view of what the intranet could look like and how it could function to better meet Materion’s communication needs while improving the employee experience. “We started with a vision to create a platform that employees could actually use to engage with content, job aids, and corporate news. We set out to achieve that goal by doing time studies and engaging with employees in various roles to learn about what they wanted from an intranet,” said Papp. “I think the result far exceeded our expectations and gave employees a valuable communication platform.”

Branding was thoughtfully incorporated into the advanced material supplier’s solution which is aptly named “Materion Matters.” Each page was carefully designed, everything from graphics to navigation, to visually communicate the brand and to easily allow people to find exactly what they want, when they want it.

To see how Materion was able to see a 18% increase in sessions, a 47% increase in page views, a 26% increase in pages per session, and a 5% increase in average session duration with their intranet solution, continue reading the full case study.

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