Liferay Analytics Cloud

Discover insights into the modern customer journey.

What is Analytics Cloud?

Enhance your digital marketing with analytics that aggregate and visualize customer profile data and marketing asset performance for deep insights.

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Key Features

Liferay Analytics Cloud helps businesses deliver the right content to the right audience.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Create a Single Customer View

Aggregate customer profile, behavior and interaction data from across the company and merge into a single view of the customer.

Segment and Visualize Critical Data

Create segments and visualize data across touchpoints, down to the asset level, to discover which elements truly impact audience behavior.

Start a Conversation Based on Real Interests

Use insights derived from advanced algorithms to understand audience interests for more accurately personalized experiences.

Identify Your Best Performing Content

Measure the performance of marketing content and how the audience is interacting online for in-depth understanding regarding the performance of touchpoints and messages.

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