7 Ways Commercial Banks Use Liferay to Transform Client Experiences

Among industries, financial services has especially been under immense pressure to modernize their services and offerings to appeal to younger and more tech-savvy clients, and commercial organizations are no exception. B2B clients expect the same seamless experiences from commercial businesses that they get from their personal banks and firms.

However, tedious onboarding, operational bottlenecks, and inadequate digital self-service capabilities not only lead to customer frustration, but also higher costs when banks are overly dependent on branches, relationship managers, and back offices.

In this ebook, read how a robust digital experience platform like Liferay DXP makes it easy for commercial organizations to attract and retain clients, all while operating more efficiently.

Learn how Liferay helps commercial banks:
  1. Attract Clients with Easy to Manage and Mobile-Friendly Websites
  2. Streamline and Accelerate Onboarding
  3. Boost Customer Satisfaction with Self-Service
  4. Increase Cross-Selling with Personalization
  5. Unify Disparate Experiences
  6. Reduce Time-to-Market for New Solutions
  7. Provide B2B2B Experiences

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