Take the Guesswork Out of Security

Gain the trust and loyalty of your customers by keeping their data safe at all times.

Tools to Keep You Secure

Security is at the top of everyone’s mind these days, and keeping your data safe is no exception. Liferay DXP is built with security in mind, and our robust identity management and security tools ensure that users get access to the content and services they need, organizations adhere to data privacy regulations, and sites are protected from potential security threats.

We help you provide sensitive information to your users via secure portals: 
  • Ensure compliance with current data security standards.
  • Role based permissions to ensure your team has access to only the information they need. 
  • Single Sign On (SSO) and Multi-factor authentication to ensure the right people have access to your solution.

Staying On Top of Security

Liferay is committed to producing high quality and secure products. The security of our products is very important to our customers and the wider Liferay community, and we have processes in place to ensure that any security-related issues are promptly addressed and that our customers' data is kept secure.

Our programs and products have been verified by external third-party organizations like ISO, CSA, and SOC2. 

Enterprise Level Security

Liferay Experience Cloud is maintained to meet the most demanding enterprise security requirements. Combined with self-healing processes, high availability performance, and automated disaster recovery, you can rest assured that your solution is secure in the cloud. 

With Liferay Experience Cloud you get a DXP that takes the guesswork out of security. We monitor the platform constantly and deploy a weekly release cycle to ensure that your system has the best and most current security protection in place.

Liferay Experience Cloud is a service layer that sits on top of our PaaS solution, Liferay Experience Cloud Self-Managed, which has over 250 internal controls and numerous cwertifications from third-party vendors, including SOC2. 

Staying Secure in the Cloud

Manage user access for services, digital assets and applications at every platform layer.
  • Stay on the latest release so you always have the most up to date security patches.
  • Logins - 4 security layers to ensure that your data is protected 
And with weekly release cycles, our DXP as a Service offering can ensure your platform always has the latest bug fixes, feature updates, and security protection in place, without having to do anything on your end.

Keeping you secure every day!