Solutions: B2B commerce

Kickstart Your B2B Self Service Experience

Liferay helps you deliver a modern B2B purchasing experience so you can quickly replace manual processes, reduce your investment in custom code, and deliver the experience your buyers want.

Create efficient experiences for busy buyers.

Help your B2B customers find what they need online without calling a sales or service rep. With tailored navigation and detailed product information, buyers can discover products and answer questions on their own time, increasing their satisfaction.
  • Shorten the time it takes to find the right product with intuitive browsing for B2B catalogs.
  • Refine your site’s search engine results to ensure buyers find the best information.
  • Simplify repeat orders with reorder buttons and saved order lists.
  • Allow buyers to independently manage their accounts and view updates on their orders.

Replace your manual processes without investing in heavy customization.

Capture more orders through the digital channel by getting away from homegrown or legacy systems that hold you back with high costs of maintenance.
Reduce customizations with a platform designed to support B2B sellers out of the box.
Reflect account pricing within catalogs so buyers never have to ask about their terms.
Distribute product information across multiple channels with multi-site catalogs.
Grow into any market with multicurrency and localization support.
Standardize products and purchasing across your commerce ecosystem.
Automate buyer workflows and approval with role-based permissions for teams.
Sell complex products with options, variations, and related parts.
Use flexible discounting to easily match and update your pricing models.
Free Resource

Everything You Need to Know About B2B Digital Commerce

Read Liferay’s best resources on how to win over B2B buyers in one convenient bundle, including best practices, a customer experience benchmark report, and a customizable RFP template for e-commerce platforms.

Showcase your products with integrated content + commerce.

Liferay’s platform seamlessly integrates content management, personalization, and commerce for richer digital experiences.
  • Enhance your product pages with full support for videos, articles, and diagrams in the catalog.
  • Personalize pages and content for each of your audience segments.
  • Design your catalogs with rich media and page building in a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Help buyers find answers with contextualized search that reaches across all content.

Measure and optimize customer adoption.

See how your buyers use the site and mold it to their needs.
  • Track page analytics for known and unknown users, down to the individual level.
  • View audience behavior patterns by time of day for a better understanding of their purchasing.
  • Visualize user journeys through the site with path analytics.
  • See how audience segments engage
    with your content and media.
See how Liferay can help you grow your B2B online revenue.