Liferay Vision: Entering the Future of Liferay Events
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Liferay Vision: Entering the Future of Liferay Events

2 days. 40 sessions. 60 speakers.
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When a group of developers huddled together in a conference room of a German hotel to talk about portlet specifications, they wouldn’t have predicted the conversation would be the start to over a decade of awesome Liferay events and gatherings. 

Encouraged by the amount of knowledge transferred, ideas generated, and relationships built, we’ve since held over 70 events across 44 cities with over 18,000 attendees. Our attendees have brought their fresh perspectives as we’ve connected on topics like, “how to improve customer experience,” “efficient solution development”, and even “the best yoga poses to do in your chair” (we recommend the Chair Pigeon). 

However, we’ve wanted to improve and unify our events for a while. The pandemic gave us the push we needed. So, we are excited to announce our first truly global virtual event, Liferay Vision.


Pushing the Boundaries 

We’re looking forward to creating a space where leaders and peers alike can be inspired by the possibilities that digital experience offers across geographies, languages, and professions. 

This has truly always been the goal of our organization. 

By having our product available through open source, we’ve been able to collaborate with and gather insight from brilliant users who participate in making Liferay better. 

So, we want to bring this spirit to our events by moving beyond physical boundaries to connect customer experience and digital transformation leaders, marketing executives, tech leads, and industry experts from around the world, under one Vision.

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Bringing Liferay Vision into Focus 

At Liferay Vision, we want each attendee to have an experience where they can learn new skills, get inspired, and create valuable connections. As Liferay’s mission statement says, we want these events to help our attendees reach their ‘full potential,’” says Melissa Saint-Pierre, Strategic Events Manager.


We were able to provide individuals with these valuable experiences earlier this year when our Latin America offices gathered over 2,000 registrants across 10 countries at our first LATAM Vision event to discuss how to create more human-centric digital relationships. 

“Even though the event was virtual, the new Vision format allowed attendees to still end the event with a lot of human interaction and industry insights like they would’ve at our in-person events,” says Marketing Specialist, Clarissa Ivens, who was managing communications for the event.

Bringing Liferay Vision to You 

But we don’t want to limit these benefits to any one region. That’s why we’re scaling Vision worldwide. 

We are thrilled to invite you, regardless of geographic location or primary language, to Vision 2021

No longer tied down by travel limitations, COVID restrictions, or time zones, attendees will be able to come together to “share information, industry trends, and topics of interests with peers and leaders,” says Liferay’s VP of Marketing, Jonathan Tam. 

For prospective attendees, those who join will be able to hear from analysts from Forrester and IDC and join discussions about trends, challenges, and opportunities in the market.

Come and be a part of our Vision for the future of events, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. Grab your spot today!

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Originally published
August 19, 2021
 last updated
August 23, 2021
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