Why Customer Experience Transformation Should Happen on Liferay DXP
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Why Customer Experience Transformation Should Happen on Liferay DXP

How can businesses successfully bring customer experience transformation to their organizations? With a powerful platform like Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP). 
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It no longer matters what industry you’re in, how many products your company sells, or how many locations you have. The secret to success in today’s highly competitive and fragmented market lies in customer experience (CX) transformation. 

But how can businesses successfully bring CX transformation to their organizations? With a powerful platform like Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP). 

The Need for Customer Experience Transformation 

As of 2010, only 36% of businesses worldwide were competing on customer experience. However, a decade later, that figure has more than doubled, with over two-thirds of B2B companies using customer experience as their differentiator. 

But both customers and businesses recognize that “good” customer experiences aren’t enough. Strategic businesses understand that customers are looking for better, more engaging, and connected digital experiences that will help them out against the competition. 

So how can businesses implement CX transformation in their organizations? According to Mckinsey, there are 3 major building blocks to achieve a successful CX transformation.

How to Make Customer Experience Transformation a Reality 

The three aspects that make up a customer experience transformation include: a clearly defined goal, a thought-out transformation approach, and technology that can enable that change. 

McKinsey has found that companies that combine all three of these aspects are able to see powerful results:

  • 15 - 20% increase in sales conversion rates

  • 20 - 50% decline in service costs

  • 10 - 20%  improvement in customer satisfaction

The first step to achieving CX transformation is to align the organization on the type of experience the brand wants to deliver. Translate these aspirations into expected business outcomes by defining the specific changes in expected customer behavior. 

Once businesses have prioritized the experiences with the greatest potential impact on customer behavior, CX leaders identify and plan the internal processes and technology capabilities they need to substantially reimagine them.

The last part of this process, and where we will focus on, is to find technology that will be able to meet these needs and enable transformation for the business. 

Rely on an analyst-recognized platform, Liferay, for the foundation needed to build a truly differentiated customer experience. Liferay’s out-of-the-box capabilities and robust integration framework has helped customers around the world deliver excellent customer experiences.

Make Your Customer Experience Stand Out with Liferay DXP 

DXPs are designed to act as an integration hub, bringing together different applications and systems to enable the creation, delivery, and management of digital experiences across the entire customer journey. 

But as one of the leading DXP platforms, Liferay is uniquely suited to help your business build engaging authenticated experiences for your customer by:

  1. Serving Customers How They Prefer to Be Served 

    Self-service is already becoming the preferred method of both B2B and B2C buyers to communicate. 86% of McKinsey survey respondents said that they prefer using digital self-service tools, rather than talking to a sales representative. 

    Not only does this help your business save money and time, but customers are also able to get the answers they need quickly and in a way they prefer, thus boosting satisfaction. 

    B2B organizations can leverage Liferay to: 

    • Enable customers to search for information through FAQs and knowledge bases 
    • Surface relevant content, products, and services for every customer based on behavior
    • Automate workflows and approvals for forms, orders, and questions
    • Enable customers to easily manage and update account information 

    No Service Like Self-Service 

    Agricultural equipment manufacturer, MacDon, was able to leverage these features when upgrading their portal to Liferay DXP. They were able to build a self-service portal that has: 

    • Increased e-commerce transactions by 50%
    • Doubled website visits 
    • Decreased calls and fax orders 
  2. Bringing Everything Together on One Platform

    Self-service and omnichannel experiences may seem standard to modern customer experiences, but in order to make these experiences a reality, your systems and applications need to be integrated. 

    However, integration continues to be a challenge for businesses. Many customer service technology stacks continue to contain disparate, overlapping systems, leading to disjointed customer experiences.

    Aggregate the organization’s existing customer service systems and content into a single, unified experience with out-of-the-box features on Liferay DXP such as: 

    • Headless and decoupled CMS 
    • OpenAPIs 
    • Modular and flexible architecture 
    Bringing It All Together

    Leading building materials manufacturer, Mueller, was able to transform their customer experience with a self-service site built with Liferay. They were able to simplify complex purchasing and jumpstart the sales process by bringing together all the tools customers needed to get a quote, increasing quotes generated per month by 73%. 

  3. Accelerating Time-to-Market of New Solutions

    As businesses grow, they must consider how their solutions will expand and evolve as more customers get added in, technologies are implemented, and changes need to be made. 

    Liferay’s platform is supported on our PaaS offering, DXP Cloud. This means that our customers can develop on a cost-efficient and scalable infrastructure. Customers not only can modernize IT operations, but also easily grow and expand their solutions.

    Preparing for the Future in the Cloud 

    Vodafone Business, a global telecommunications leader, revamped their customer portal with Liferay. Being on the cloud has not only resulted in lower, growth-friendly costs, but also put services in place that allow for future evolution and scaling. Now, functionality goes from idea to deployment faster.

Unlike other vendors, Liferay has the capabilities to address the entire customer journey, from the customer interface to the backend processes that make it possible. See how Liferay can help your business implement customer experience transformation successfully. 

Request your demo of Liferay here.

Originally published
February 8, 2022
 last updated
July 22, 2022
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