What’s New with Liferay DXP: Q1 2023 Release
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What’s New with Liferay DXP: Q1 2023 Release

Dive into release information for Liferay DXP on changes to Platform Architecture, Commerce, and Experience.
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Welcome to our newest blog post series, where we dive into release information for Liferay DXP, focusing on Architecture, Commerce, and Experience changes. This series highlights the business benefits of using the latest version, enabling our customers to launch solutions faster while lowering costs.

Platform Architecture

Reduce friction for customers.

404 Error Pages Customization

  • Create new 404 pages easily with the page editor

  • Error Pages can now be customized to your look and feel, ensuring a seamless user experience

Use a different search engine if necessary.

Solr 8 Support

  • Solr8 support is now back for maintenance mode so our government customers and others concerned about Elastic have an alternate search engine option

  • Available in Marketplace

Accelerate time to market and simplify upgrades.

Low-Code and Business Automation Improvements

  • Create and manage complex data models and automate manual tasks with minimal coding. New features include:

    • Advanced fields

    • Updates, notifications, and standalone actions that automate business processes

    • Advanced data restriction by account for B2B scenarios

    • Improvements to headless capabilities and ways to manage object-related experiences

Updates in Commerce Capabilities

Meet the increasing expectations of the B2B buyer.

Order Creation Simplified

  • New options to streamline the order creation process:

    • Easy importing via CSV, past orders, wishlists, or favorites

    • Quick add-to-cart capabilities

    • Enhanced support for customer-specific defaults so customers don’t have to make the same choice twice

Empower business users to create their own product display pages.

Composable Product Display Pages

  • Non-technical users can add, remove, and change the layout of a Product Details page without using code

Improvements in Experience

Prioritize accessibility for your administrators, leaving no one out.

Admin Experience Improvements

  • We’ve reviewed the admin experience with an eye to improving accessibility for those with disabilities, implementing best practices in both design and development

Reduce costs with customizable editing experiences that fit your brand.

More No-Code Styling Capabilities for Page Building

  • Get more accurate previews with refactored page preview options

  • The Page Editor’s experience has improved for both fragments and the layout itself

  • More advanced design capabilities

  • Define and edit style value units easily

Apply your brand easily without a theme or code deployment.

Theme-less Theming Capabilities Enabled

  • Implement the new Theme CSS Client Extension type

Originally published
March 30, 2023
 last updated
March 31, 2023
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