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B2B Commerce


10 Reasons to Choose Liferay DXP.jpg
10 Reasons to Choose Liferay DXP
Discover 10 reasons why Liferay DXP is the cornerstone of digital transformation for businesses worldwide.
1 Min Read
26 October 2023
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What’s New with Liferay DXP: Q1 2023 Release
Dive into release information for Liferay DXP on changes to Platform Architecture, Commerce, and Experience.
1 Min Read
30 March 2023
Key Challenges in B2B Digital Commerce Transformation Programs.jpg
Key Challenges in B2B Digital Commerce Transformation Programs
Let’s take a closer look at the transformation hurdles B2B organizations have to overcome and analyze the best way to handle them.
4 Min Read
1 September 2022
3 Digital Strategies for Manufacturing Success
How can manufacturers survive in 2021 and beyond?
1 Min Read
31 March 2021
21 Digital Commerce Stats Every B2B Professional Needs to Know in 2021
What you need to know to have a successful commerce strategy in 2021
2 Min Read
17 December 2020
6 Must-Have B2B E-Commerce Features
Features every B2B e-commerce solution needs to have
4 Min Read
8 October 2020

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The Importance of Connecting Content and Commerce
How connecting online content and digital commerce can boost your business
2 Min Read
24 August 2020
Why Great B2B Customer Experiences are More Important Than Ever
An amazing B2B experience is now the expectation of buyers. Here’s why B2B experiences are more crucial than ever.
4 Min Read
14 April 2020
5 E-Commerce Strategies B2B Leaders Use to Overcome Market Challenges
Tackle common B2B hurdles with e-commerce
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10 March 2020
How E-Commerce in Manufacturing is a Game Changer
Understand how e-commerce is transforming the manufacturing industry
2 Min Read
12 September 2019
Pros and Cons of B2B E-Commerce
Discover the pros and cons of starting a B2B e-commerce channel
4 Min Read
19 March 2019
How to Choose a B2B E-Commerce Solution for Your Business
Learn the top four features your B2B e-commerce solution must have.
2 Min Read
10 December 2018

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