The advantages that the digital world has to offer are becoming more obvious to companies, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. For those companies that do not yet offer self-service portals to their customers, there are a number of signs they should look to, that will perhaps suggest the time has come for them to do just that.

1. Are Your Customer Service Costs Too High?

One sign that your business might need a self-service customer portal is that customer service costs are becoming too high. When compared to live service interactions, the costs associated with self-service are significantly lower.

This makes it possible for companies to support more self-service interactions, ultimately leading to larger volumes of customers being helped at a significantly lower cost. In the long run, the costs saved will make the initial investment in the portal worthwhile.

2. Have You Noticed Issues with Productivity?

Some companies may find that the productivity of their employees is not what it could be. This may not be through any fault of their own, but simply because they are spending so much of their time having to answer the same questions over and over again.

Making use of a self-service customer portal would mean that employees do not have to take part in these repetitive tasks, thus freeing them up to deal with more complicated queries and assisting customers to develop improved experiences.

3. Are Your Sales Flagging?

If sales are flagging, a self-service customer portal can help to turn around the fortunes of a company because of the superior customer experience it helps to provide.

Customers who have better experiences with a business are more likely to not only return to make more purchases or use that service again, but also to recommend that business to their friends, families, colleagues and acquaintances.

Automated portals help to provide more efficient services to customers, leaving them with a more positive impression of the business. This will not only have a positive impact on the reputation of your company, but also on your sales figures.

4. Do You Lack Insights Into Your Customer Behaviour?

Many businesses are suffering today because of a lack of insight into the behaviour of their customers, as well as a general lack of understanding of what it is their customers actually want and need.

Self-service customer portals are a great way to redress this imbalance, not only by offering a better experience to customers but also providing businesses with greater ability to track their behaviour and acquire additional insights. For example, your business can gain significant insights from seeing which articles / questions are being viewed more or what questions are frequently being asked.

These insights can help companies to determine the questions and problems customers may have, allowing you to continue to provide a superior customer experience and continually improve the services or products you offer.

5. Are You Struggling to Get Recommendations From Satisfied Customers?

If your business seems unable to gain much traction via word of mouth and be recommended by satisfied customers, self-service customer portals could also help to address this particular shortfall.

Today a significant number of customers, particularly those in younger age groups, have a preference for self-service. The younger generation is more likely to make use of FAQ pages to try and find solutions to their problems before they get in touch with customer service. As a result, self-service portals will be of particular appeal to this demographic.

Customers who are particularly impressed are much more likely to discuss a company as well as to recommend it to the people they know.

6. Have You Had Issues with Content Delivery?

Some businesses struggle with delivering content, including visuals and videos, to their customers. The key benefit of self-service customer portals is having a unified channel to deliver content, ensuring customers know exactly where to go when looking for content.

If customers are able to easily navigate and find content, it will encourage greater levels of interaction with your business and help them to gain a greater understanding of the nature of the products and services that your company provides.

7. Do You Have Poor Website Traffic?

If the traffic numbers to your company website are poor, self-service customer portals can be a good way to increase them without having to pay for adverts on Facebook or Google.

When customers are able to automatically access a method that allows them to gain knowledge on their own, this increases the likelihood that they will go to your company website and actually see your published content, which is a great way for your business to build its credibility as an authority within your industry.

What's Next?

These are just some of the signs that it might be time for a business to make use of the Liferay DXP Self-Service Customer Portal. The good news for businesses is that it is a simple process that can nonetheless make a vital difference to any company that wants to make customer support one of its biggest priorities.

Before you start, make sure to be equipped with these best practices for IT leaders to enable effective self-service for your company, download this whitepaper.