Making Liferay a Great Place to Work 2022
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Making Liferay a Great Place to Work 2022

We are delighted to announce that Liferay has been recognized as one of the Best Workplaces in both Ireland and Spain for 2022. 

We are delighted to announce that Liferay has been recognized as one of the Best Workplaces in both Ireland and Spain for 2022. 

This recognition comes for the 3rd consecutive year for our Dublin office and the first for our office in Spain.

Creating Great Places to Work

Especially in a time where work is flexible and looks different for everyone, we’re honored that these offices were recognized for the work their teams have put in to create a space (whether physical or digital) of growth, warmth, and trust.

“Achieving the Great Place to Work award for a 3rd consecutive year represents our ongoing commitment to creating a great workplace that can enable our people to reach their full potential. Throughout the past 2 years, our people continued to ride the waves of the pandemic all while being proactive in providing the best services possible to our customers. It is through our people at Liferay we consider ourselves a Great Place to Work,” says Leanne Stone, Senior HR Manager and Site Lead at our Dublin office.


For our Spain office, this is the first year they’ve been recognized and Cristina Moreno, HR Manager, says that the certification is really the recognition of what each employee brings to the company. “The commitment of Liferay is to accompany every person along their career, and to bring the support they need in their non-professional life. Our flexibility measures and our remote work policy improve the work-life balance and family needs,” adds Moreno.


The Life at Liferay

What makes Liferay a great place to work? 

While we do have nice office spaces around the world, an employee volunteer program, and M&M dispensers, the true magic lies in our team members. 

“It’s hard to package the incredible experience you get at Liferay into just one statement. But I’d say our employees truly are the Liferay experience. Our people are intelligent and highly skilled, but are still creative, fun-loving, patient, and humble,” says Matt Poladian, VP of People at Liferay. 

No matter which of the 20+ global offices Matt would visit, he would see each of Liferay’s core values displayed in every team member. Even as the company has grown over the years, he has seen people work hard to retain and grow these values in their teams. And add elements of fun, nerdiness, and friendship along the way. 

A perfect display of talent, nerdiness, and teamwork from the Spain office. 

Learn more about what makes life at Liferay different here.

Come Join the Team 

Be a part of the life that fuels Liferay. See if there are any open positions here. 

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April 20, 2022
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April 20, 2022
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